The New Way COVID-19 Is Killing People


    By Kennedy Shelley

    The New York Times had a headline this week: “Where have all the heart attacks gone?”

    This is an interesting question.  There has been nearly a 40% drop in people going to the hospital with heart attacks, and strokes.

    While some would say “well the virus got them first” but this same statistic is also applying to appendicitis which has nothing to do with the coronavirus.

    Could it be that people are so scared of going to a hospital that they would rather suffer a heart attack or have their appendix burst rather than risk exposure to COVID-19 at the hospital?

    Or is it that all deaths are just being recorded as COVID-19 as some are suggesting?

    The answer isn’t completely clear, but it is clear based off research from Hong Kong that people are waiting much longer to go to the ER when they have chest pains.

    And this can be extremely dangerous for acute conditions.  The earlier a heart attack or stroke is treated the less damage it does and increases the chance of recovery.

    At the same time the CDC has sent revised guidelines to hospitals basically asking them to say if someone dies and there is a remote chance that they may have had COVID-19, please count it as a COVID-19 death.

    This was driven home by Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen who received a seven-page document from his state department of health which outlined this.  See this interview:

    The letter has a link to the Centers for Disease Control’s website which gives doctors tips on how to increase the number of reported coronavirus deaths.

    Valley News Live (his local paper) reports:

    “I worry about that sometimes we’re so darn interested in jazzing up the fear factor that sometimes people’s ability to think for themselves is paralyzed if they’re frightened enough,” said Dr. Jensen.

    This certainly plays into the hands of those who believe the virus crisis has been way overblown.  Since not that many people have died, the government wants to “cook the books” to get the number of deaths higher to justify the lockdown.

    The CDC guidelines go so far as to how doctors can create the “possibility” of a COVID-19 death even without testing.  Just create some symptoms and the possibility that the patient might have had contact with someone infected is enough to get them counted as an “official COVID-19 death.”

    And there are also those who believe that hospital administrations want to have lots of COVID-19 deaths so they can apply for future government funds.

    All non-Emergency procedures have been canceled which is leading to employee layoffs at many hospitals.

    Instead of being full, most hospitals are eerily quiet compared to the normal hustle and bustle.

    But the biggest problem is that people who are truly in need of urgent medical care are going to stay at home and have a minor heart attack grow into a major disaster.

    But these deaths will not be recorded as the COVID-19 related deaths that they truly are.