The Real Reason You Should Never Microwave Your Food


    By: Annie Morgan

    With Americans busy and on the go – many people are quick to throw their food in the microwave and not give it a second thought.

    But the convenience of cooking via microwave isn’t the healthiest way to cook your food, in fact, some say you should avoid using the microwave altogether.

    So before you cook your next meal in the microwave, check out some reasons you may want to reconsider and opt for traditional methods instead.

    Zaps Nutritional Value

    Many health experts claim using a microwave is completely safe, and actually retains nutrients better than a conventional oven.

    But not all experts agree, and some still stand by the claim microwaving is not a good choice.

    As with everything, it depends on what is actually being cooked.

    Healthline reported:

    “One study on 20 different vegetables noted that microwaving and baking preserved antioxidants the best, while pressure cooking and boiling did the worst/

    However, one study found that just 1 minute of microwaving destroyed some of the cancer-fighting compounds in garlic, while this took 45 minutes in a conventional oven.

    Another study showed that microwaving destroyed 97% of flavonoid antioxidants in broccoli, while boiling only destroyed 66%.”

    And while the FDA claims the radiation levels in microwaves are “safe” – one can never be totally sure.

    Of course, radiation is highest the closer you stand to the microwave – so if you must cook your food via microwave don’t press your face up against the glass!

    It Doesn’t Taste As Good

    We all know food tastes better when it is prepared in the oven or on the stove.

    Microwave food often cooks unevenly – leaving the middle frozen and the outsides burned.

    Not to mention the soggy texture and bland flavor.

    You can’t fake the crispness or pan-seared taste of cooking food the real way.

    The counterfeit microwave method just isn’t the same.

    Chemicals On Your Food

    Many people who microwave food don’t pay attention to what they cook it in – and often use plastic storage containers to reheat their food.

    Which means the heated plastic is leaking into the food you are about to consume.

    Live Strong reported:

    “One of the primary concerns with microwave cooking is possible radiation leakage and chemical leakage from cooking containers. Because microwave cooking requires high bursts of energy, only some containers are microwave safe. Cooking with unsafe containers could lead to carcinogenic toxins leaking into your foods.”

    It’s just not worth the risk.

    Avoid The Microwave

    Those who eat frozen dinners and processed food love to use the microwave.

    But if you’re eating fresh and healthy food, you really shouldn’t need to use a microwave.

    If you are looking to reheat leftovers – throw them on a cast iron pan on the stove.

    Not only will they heat up in no time – but it’s so much better than zapping them in the microwave – and they will taste better too!

    Are you a notorious microwave user?

    Do you think it would be challenging for you to stop using the microwave altogether?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know the real reason they shouldn’t microwave their food!