Menopausal Women Will Love What A Breakthrough Natural Therapy Does For Their Body


    Do you remember that “Got milk?” campaign from a few years ago? They promised strong bones from the calcium in milk. Well, the public bought it hook, line, and sinker.

    To this day, mothers urge their kids to drink milk so they can be big and strong. But what about those women who were drinking milk years ago to make stronger bones?

    What happened to them? Well, it seems osteoporosis is on the rise.

    It turns out it wasn’t milk that’s responsible for strong bones. It is hormones. Estrogen and testosterone specifically.

    Ironically, milk was found to jack up those hormones.

    According to PositiveMed, it heightens your estrogen levels.

    Forget calcium and vitamin D. Two important nutrients don’t automatically make a food good for you. Indeed, researchers are now beginning to suspect that regular consumption of dairy products can not only cause high estrogen but also increase the risk of estrogen-dependent cancers.

    Luckily, the damage to hormones can be broken and even reversed.

    A new treatment can do exactly what milk said it could do (but did not)-provide strong bones-. It’s called Menopausal Hormonal Therapy, or MHT.

    Researchers working with MHT studied nearly 1,300 women, ages 50-80.
    This is what they found:

    “When used in the right context, specifically in postmenopausal women younger than 60 years old for whom the benefits outweigh risks, menopausal hormonal therapy is effective for both the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.”

    Lead author Dr. Georgios Papadakis

    But don’t expect this to show up on the mainstream circuit. There is too much invested in people drinking milk for calcium and popping pills for osteoporosis for hormone treatment to get press.

    Think about it. You’ve got Dairy Farmers of America– they will shout this down as bad science. They also have a multi-million marketing budget that they can use to put out bad information.

    And on the other end, you’ve got Big Pharma companies like Amgen and UCB Phama-they’re funding billion dollar studies multi-year studies. They do not want any competition in their market space, especially something proven to work.

    Both of these groups have enough money to buy researchers off, fund their own private studies which will give them the results they want, and already have massive sway within the government.

    Both groups will lean on the FDA to make MHT comply with all sorts of regulations before it can move mainstream as a treatment.

    So when you find great tools like this, make sure you keep it on your radar and tell your friend about it. Otherwise, it will be David and Goliath again– and this time Goliath is loaded to the hilt with money.

    What do you think of hormone treatment over Rx drugs? Let us know in the comments below.