Media Blames Trump For Virus and Stupidity

    Donald Trump Coronavirus

    By Kennedy Shelley

    “The first casualty of war is the truth” also should be applied to pandemics based on the hysterical coverage in most of the 24-hour media.

    CNN, The Drudge Report and most of the major networks recently blamed President Trump for the death of a man in Arizona who drank fish tank cleaner.

    And the formally conservative Drudge Report has exceeded even CNN in alarmist anti-Trump reporting, almost to the point of being criminally irresponsible.

    The Drudge Report was one of the first news sites that compiled articles from all over the web.

    It was a place where people could see alternative stories that the mainstream media just refused to cover and while it was not openly conservative, many conservatives enjoyed the site because it covered stories ignored by other outlets.

    It is strongly rumored but not publicly confirmed that Matt Drudge sold the site a few months ago.  The rumor seems true because of the serious change in the tone of the site.

    A review of the site today shows nothing but alarmist drivel from news outlets which are nothing more than rumor mills.

    But the aquarium cleaner case helps clarify what the change in the site is doing.

    On March 23, President Trump mentioned the promising effects of an anti-malarial drug that shows some promise in treating people with COVID-19.

    The next day a man in Arizona who isn’t sick and doesn’t have the virus notices that his aquarium cleaner has the ingredient on its label, so he drinks it and dies.

    This is not the drug, and the label on the cleaner is very clear that the stuff is poison to humans, but Drudge reports this as “the man took the drug.”

    To be clear – aquarium cleaner is not a drug.  It is poison to anyone who swallows it.

    The drug the President was talking about is an important medication to those with certain auto-immune disorders and possibly for those with COVID-19.

    It’s still being tested in several areas, and along with some anti-viral drugs might help those with the worst cases.

    And then there is the media and Drudge attacks on President Trump for his desire to get America back to work.

    One of the reasons for the worldwide shut down was because of a report put out by Oxford University in February that claimed the virus would kill a half a million Britons and millions in the US.

    The model was completely wrong.  This week they changed their prediction to a few thousand.

    But Drudge and the alarmist media keep saying Trump is irresponsible because he sees the end of the pandemic in two weeks, which is exactly what all the accurate models are predicting.

    It seems as though the alarmist media wants to keep America shut down to keep more people watching than accepting the reality that virus pandemics end.

    The whole purpose of social distancing was not to “cure” the pandemic, but to slow the spread so it wouldn’t overwhelm the hospital system and create a shortage of intensive care beds to care for the people who will inevitably need them.

    But ask yourself an important question:  During this crisis, who has been more correct, the Drudge Report or President Trump?

    Trump formed a group in January to respond to the crisis, the media ignored it and instead focused on impeachment.

    President Trump stopped travel from China, the alarmist media said he was racist and overreacting.

    And on and on it goes.  Freedom Health News will continue to cover this important health story without the hype, and see this article to see why there really is hope that this crisis is starting to end.