Did We Make Ourselves Less Healthy This Month


    By Kennedy Shelley

    While you were locked down did you; eat healthy, exercise and generally take care of your health, or did you eat junk food and binge watch TV?

    The statistics are not good.  For instance, alcohol sales are up over 56% from this time last year.  Look at the snack food aisle of your store, is it empty?

    That means that most people are less ready to fight the coronavirus when we are let out of our cages and that is a bad thing.

    The purpose of the quarantine was to flatten the curve, but all this does is push future cases further out so they will not overwhelm the medical system, not eliminate exposure to the disease.

    Most of the limited data on this virus show that those who have died or had cases requiring hospitalization were basically metabolically sick.

    Most were pre-diabetic or had type 2 diabetes most of whom had the other symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

    It is striking that many who have been arguing for a low carb diet are being proven eerily correct in their assessments that the Standard American Diet pushed by the government is actually hurting people’s health in the long term causing obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

    But the coronavirus has made the point that it also causes acute problems making many people at greater risk.

    Not surprisingly, the quarantine period may have made this problem worse.

    If you want to make someone’s metabolic health worse apart from diet, put them under stress for an extended period of time, which is what we have done.

    Add to that keep them out of nature and keep them out of the sun and people lose the protection of natural vitamin D.

    Even reduced human contact actually creates its own stress.  All of our normal social support networks at church and work have been ripped from us.

    It is arguable that this period of social distancing may have reduced the quickness of the spread of this disease which may have prevented a flooding of some hospitals, there is no scenario where the people who were going to get very sick from this would avoid it inevitably.

    And now we have quite possibly made it worse because many people have much weaker immune systems now than they did before the crisis.

    Closing gyms from people who were just starting new health programs got people in worse shape.

    There are people who have not worked out in over six weeks, and they are not as strong as they were when the lockdown started.

    The list of health problems, which have been ignored because they were not COVID-19 emergencies, is going to result in a flooding of people who want to get their aches and pains taken care of as soon as the quarantine ends.

    What this will mean is more rapid exposure to people with weakened immune systems.

    So, what can you do?  Start your post lockdown detox now.

    Put down the chips and cookies and eat nothing but eggs and meat for the remainder of the lockdown.

    By doing so you will eliminate every potential inflammatory substance in your body.

    Animal fat does not cause the body to secrete insulin so you will reduce your blood glucose level and make yourself stronger.

    Now, this is not going to be easy if you have been enjoying a month-long junk food binge, but after a few days of withdrawal, your body’s immune system will be markedly stronger.

    You will be more ready to take on the inevitable virus.