Is Low Cholesterol Actually Bad?

    Low Cholesterol

    By Kennedy Shelley

    Your doctor is going to freak out when you tell him that a low LDL-C is bad for you.

    Low-Density Lipid Proteins, which we often refer to as the “bad cholesterol” is actually what carries fat in the blood.

    What happens when you put fat in water?  They separate.  Since your blood is mostly water the body moves essential fat through the blood using waxy like carriers known as lipid proteins (lipid means fat).

    This is what is measured in your blood test.

    Fat is essential.  It is in every living cell in your body.  If we removed all of it, you would die a horrible death.

    The reason it is considered bad is because when your arteries are inflamed pimple like plaques can form in the artery wall, made up in part of LDL.  When these plaques break and enter the bloodstream, they form clots.

    Eventually, these clots can block important arteries in the heart causing a heart attack or form in the brain causing a stroke.

    So, the hypothesis was back in the 1950s by Ancel Keys (who was not a medical doctor), that the cause of this was too much fat, particularly HDL cholesterol.

    His solution was to reduce the amount of fat in the diet, especially meat-based fat and that would take care of the problem.

    This is called the Diet Heart Hypothesis and has been the standard thought in the medical community for over 50 years.  But what most people don’t realize is that it has never been proven.

    It was based on Key’s seven country survey study which has been attacked because it wasn’t that well done.  The survey actually included 23 countries and when all 23 were included it wasn’t clear at all that fat causes heart attacks.

    As a matter of fact, the survey actually showed that sugar and bread caused heart attacks when you included all 23 countries.

    The fault in this logic was the liver actually produces the cholesterol in the body and animal fats don’t go straight from your mouth to your blood.  It’s actually digested and goes to the liver which produces the LDL you need to live.

    The LDL carries fat from your liver to your cells.  The HDL is the return transport cells that go from cells back to the liver.

    But the American Heart Association still wants to lower LDL.  We have drugs called statins that work on the liver to reduce LDL levels and we spend billions of dollars a year on these drugs.

    But some courageous scientists in Korea took a fresh look at the data and discovered that when you look past heart attacks and strokes people with low LDL actually die earlier than people with high cholesterol.

    This study goes along with what was discovered when they checked the blood of people who died of a heart attack, half had normal to low cholesterol levels.

    This study looked at non-statin users, some had high LDL and others normal or low and they followed them.

    You live longer if your LDL was high.

    This goes along with the findings in the Minnesota Heart Health Study done back in the 1960s which showed that when you reduced fat from eggs and meat, people died earlier.

    For more details on this government coverup, see this story in Freedom Health News.

    The latest study shows that lowering LDL actually resulted in people with more cancer and heart disease.

    More and more doctors are starting to realize that cholesterol is not as important as they thought it was.