Ladies – Here Are 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Seem To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

    Belly Fat

    By: Annie Morgan

    You eat a healthy diet full of lean protein and leafy greens.

    Each day, you exercise and do strength training.

    But despite your best efforts, you can’t seem to lose that stubborn belly fat!

    Nicknamed “the pouch” – this body fat is considered by some women as “the pudge that just won’t budge.”

    Hormonal Changes

    Pay attention to your hormones.  If you are suddenly experiencing extreme mood swings and abnormal sugar cravings – you could have a hormonal change occurring within your body.

    And the closer you are to menopause – this hormonal change is even greater with estrogen levels fluctuating.

    In addition, since the whole body is connected, as you experience mood swings you might feel depressed or anxious – which can lead to bad eating habits.

    But if you are truly eating healthy and doing strength training – your hormones might really be to blame.

    Your Workout Routine Isn’t Sufficient

    So many ladies are killing themselves at the gym with hours of cardio each week – and can’t seem to understand why their stomach fat won’t seem to go away.

    The truth is, cardio isn’t always the best way.

    In fact, according to an endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic – strength training increases muscle mass which helps the body burn more calories.

    While it’s good to get your heart rate up and do some cardio – the real weight loss power is all about strength training.

    Many people have found success from workout routines like CrossFit – and the pounds have melted off.

    And don’t neglect stretching exercises like Pilates to keep your body flexible!

    You Don’t Eat As Healthy As You Think

    Even though you think you are eating healthy, you might not realize all the ways you are unknowingly adding extra calories to your diet.

    Remember, gluten-free does not always mean healthy.  Eating gluten-free cookies and chips is still putting excess calories (and sugar) into your body.

    Or, if you think having a hot chocolate every day before work isn’t “that bad” – but one cup of hot chocolate can have up to 27 grams of carbs – and an additional 24 grams of sugar! And that’s without loading it up with marshmallows and other sugar-laced objects.

    If you’re really curious about what you are actually eating each day – consider starting a food log to track what you are eating.

    Belly Fat Is Dangerous

    Having a large stomach and accumulation of belly fat isn’t just unsightly, it’s dangerous.

    Nicknamed “visceral fat” – this excess fat around the stomach can lead to everything from diabetes to heart disease.

    So if you’re struggling to lose stubborn belly fat – know you aren’t alone!

    Try switching up your workout routine and actually pay attention to what you’re eating.

    And remember, as you age your metabolism does slow down.

    The eating habits you had as a teenager that you thought you could get away with, won’t last as you age.

    It’s time to take visceral fat seriously!

    But be encouraged, you can actually lose it once and for all.

    Do you struggle with losing stubborn belly fat?

    What types of things have you tried to lose the weight?

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