Is This More Dangerous Than COVID-19?


    By Kennedy Shelley

    The Drudge Report ran a headline attacking President Trump for mentioning hydroxychloroquine as a possible effective treatment for COVID-19.

    They have pushed the agenda that there is no evidence that it works, despite the fact there are now thousands of case reports from physicians all over the world that shows that it does in fact work.

    But this really goes to the media double-standard, especially the alarmist anti-Trump media such as the Drudge Report 2020 and CNN.

    They demand evidence that a drug or treatment will work 100% of the time, while requiring no evidence that their claims of death and destruction are accurate.


    Take a look at this headline from March 18, 2020:

    This is the alarmist journalism that has the ring of scientific proof, but there is no evidence behind it and has been proven absolutely wrong in less than a month.

    Basically, it was someone’s fantasy that just has no basis in reality, but this is what irresponsible media outlets keep pumping out to keep their ratings up.


    There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that social isolation will slow the spread of a virus.

    As a matter of fact, virologists have shown that respiratory viruses such as COVID-19 have spread in unexpected ways in apartments and neighborhoods despite isolation.

    And now some municipalities are mandating masks, while there is no evidence that it will do anything to prevent the spread either.

    So while the alarmist media demands evidence that a medicine must be 100% effective and require a high bar of proof of efficacy for any treatment, it requires no proof for policies that destroys lives, freedom of movement, small businesses and the US economy.


    Back in March the reason for social distancing was the noble goal that it might flatten the curve.

    The idea was that if we slowed the spread of the virus, we would not have to choose between who lives or dies because we will have enough respirators.

    This was an untested idea.  There is absolutely no evidence that quarantining healthy people will slow down a virus.

    As a matter of fact most epidemiologists who have studied the spread of infectious diseases show that the only way to end an outbreak is for healthy people to be exposed to the virus so they can no longer get it or spread it and the outbreak ends.  That is backed by evidence.

    Despite the fact that no respirator shortage has occurred, we are still continuing social isolation after a month.

    NEW GOAL 100% CURE

    There is no scientific way of preventing death.

    There is no scientific way to get rid of a virus 100%, yet there are those in the alarmist media that want a 100% guarantee before they will quit blaming President Trump for any COVID-19 death.

    It seems that CNN and the Drudge Report require absolute safety before they will stop trying to scare people.

    And they require 100% evidence of a cure, while requiring none for their fear mongering.

    This double-standard is what is leading to the highest unemployment levels in US history.  And that is a fact with real evidence.