The Illusion Of Social Distancing

    Social Distancing Coronavirus

    By Kennedy Shelley

    You are an infection fighting machine.

    On your skin right now are viruses and bacteria which will kill you if allowed to run unchecked.

    So why doesn’t it?  Because your body is an infection fighting machine.

    Everything from your skin to your stomach acid is designed to keep bacteria and viruses from killing you.

    But can we enhance this by government mandated masks, lockdowns, and social distancing?

    This really was the question of the largest experiment ever conducted in the US, and the answer is clearly no.

    If a virus gets into your system, it produces a cascade of nearly miraculous defenses designed to protect you from it.  The body raises your core body temperature up to 102 degrees so it can release chemicals that encapsulate the virus and stop the spread.

    To see how well your body works to fight an infection, see this article in Freedom Health News.

    The coronavirus that has been infecting the world is a “novel” virus.  That means it is new, and no one has a natural immunity to it.  That’s why it has spread so rapidly.

    There are two strategies to deal with a virus, isolate or take it on and let your natural immune system deal with it.

    Isolation works very well when it is a virus like the bubonic plague or Ebola which can kill quickly.  There is no time to develop immunity to it.  These are highly lethal viruses.

    But with flu and the common cold, we develop a herd type of immunity.  Not everyone exposed to the flu virus actually develops the flu.

    Their immune system quickly fights it off.  That person is forever immune from that virus, and they can not spread it to others.

    As there are more people immune to it, then the spread is contained.  If person A with the flu walks into a room and there are four people, three of whom are immune, then only one can spread the infection.  But with novel virus, all four would spread it.

    What we did not know even six weeks ago, was how many people already had exposure to the virus and were therefore immune to COVID-19.

    The numbers have now come in, and we were well contaminated with the virus before the lockdown began.  Therefore, the spread was slowing even before the lockdown started.

    And because we didn’t know the number of people who were exposed, we didn’t know how dangerous the virus was.

    Initially, we only tested people when they were really sick and on a ventilator.  That made it look like the virus was killing people at a rate of 5%.

    A virus that could kill 5% of America was a scary thought.  But as more data came in, it became clear that it killed less than .01%, and most of those were people with deadly health conditions.

    While the virus may have been what eventually killed them, they certainly did not have much time left on this earth.

    Now the data is back from Sweden and other places where there were no lockdowns or extreme social distancing, and they have had the same damage done from this virus as countries that took draconian measures.

    In short, the social distancing and locking down does nothing to stop the spread of the virus and it ignores the best advice, build up your natural immunity to fight an infection.