This Household Allergen Is Everywhere And It Is Making People Sick


    By: Annie Morgan

    Mold spores are everywhere – floating around in the air and making its way into our bodies through the air we breathe.

    But to those with weakened immune systems or who have allergies – mold is making them very sick and causing their body to experience a host of physical symptoms.

    From difficulty breathing, to runny eyes and even mental confusion – mold is something that must be taken seriously.

    And in some homes, mold continues to spread as house dwellers become sicker and sicker, not realizing mold is the cause of their illness.

    To protect your family, check out these common household areas where mold loves to thrive.


    The bathroom is a perfect place for mold to grow – it’s damp and humid – which creates an ideal area for mold.

    From the shower curtain, to the bathroom walls, mold can be found everywhere in a bathroom that isn’t properly cleaned.

    It can even grow on the ceiling, or on a damp towel left on the floor.

    Be sure to clean your bathroom at least once a week to avoid black mold from taking over your bathroom.

    Unaddressed Leak

    If there is an area in your house that is wet and leaking, it should be addressed at once.

    Perhaps you notice a certain musty smell in the air that wasn’t there before, or can physically see stains on the ceiling.

    All of these are signs something isn’t right.

    Make sure to have a professional come and check out these areas and fix whatever is leaking.

    Don’t put it off hoping the problem will go away – it won’t!

    Air Vents

    Mold can find its way into air ducts due to the moisture which creates an ideal spot for it to develop and thrive.

    If you notice family members have irritated eyes and nose or headaches when at home that seem to go away whenever they leave – black mold might be the cause.

    One of the most common ways a family can tell if there is a mold problem is if they only seem to be sick when they are at home.

    Make sure you have your heating and cooling units inspected at least once a year to ensure they are working properly and maintaining proper levels of humidity.

    Be Proactive

    Make sure you are practicing healthy cleaning habits and keeping your home clean and free from mold.

    Run a dehumidifier in the summer to help maintain humidity in the basement, and keep the humidity in your home under 60 percent.

    They sell tools to check your humidity levels that are inexpensive, so be sure to pick one up.

    It’s also good to have an air purifier in your bedroom and in your living room to help purify the air.

    And if you notice any leaky pipes or stains on your ceiling – don’t delay having a professional come and check them out.

    Mold is a serious allergen that can make people sick.

    And if it is not addressed, it will continue to spread and cause not only physical damage to your home, but also a host of health problems for household members.

    From constant headaches to runny noses, it’s an investment to your family to keep your home mold free!

    Have you ever had mold in your home?

    What health problems did it cause?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know the dangerous household allergen making people sick!