happy-couple-in-bedroom-350x122In an earlier article, we looked at homeopathic treatments for male sexual dysfunction. Homeopathics also offer treatment options for women experiencing sexual problems. Here are some examples of sexual issues experienced by women, and natural ways to address them.

    For many women, vaginal dryness is a problem. In other cases, women may experience vaginismus, in which involuntary spasms of the vaginal muscles make penetration painful. Often, sexual problems arise because a woman’s male partner does not understand that women may take longer than men to become aroused and ready for intercourse. Open communication is important, and a non-toxic, organic lubricant can often be helpful.

    Homeopathy offers a number of treatments for female sexual difficulties. Match the description of your particular symptoms to the remedies, then try taking one does in a 30c potency before sexual intercourse.

    1. Bellis perennis – There is a bruised sensation in the vagina if intercourse is interrupted.
    2. Cactus grandiflora – Vagina squeezes shut when intercourse is attempted. Intercourse is sometimes easier just before menses.
    3. Coffea – There is over-sensitivity of the vulva and vagina. Heat and itchiness. Vaginismus with pain.
    4. Cuprum – Cramping in the vagina and possibly also in the legs, during intercourse.
    5. Ferrum – Vagina feels dry, painful and raw, with no feelings of arousal.
    6. Gelsemium – Anxiety before intercourse, and a tendency to vaginismus.
    7. Lycopodium – Dry, burning vagina during and after intercourse. May be varicose veins in vulva.
    8. Natrum mur – Dryness, with smarting and burning pains. Acrid discharge.
    9. Platina – Strong sexual desire, possibly with erotic dreams. Difficulty having intercourse as vulva is extremely over-sensitive. Intercourse is painful and causes bruised sensation.
    10. Rhus tox – Soreness during and after intercourse, often accompanied by physical restlessness.
    11. Sepia – Dryness with bleeding after intercourse. (If you have this symptom, consult your doctor.) Feeling that everything will prolapse. Suits women who are exhausted and want to escape from their situation.
    12. Staphisagria – Extremely useful remedy for pain after loss of virginity or in instances of rape or sexual assault.
    13. Thuja – Vagina is over-sensitive causing intercourse to be painful and difficult. Pains: burning, sore, bruised. May be helpful where there is a history of STI’s or if there are feelings of shame and self-disgust in relation to intercourse.

    If none of the above seem like a good match to your symptoms, visit a homeopathic practitioners. Homeopaths have access to literally thousands of remedies to treat clients.