male-sexual-function-350x122In the area of male erectile dysfunction, pharmaceutical companies have found an eager market. When men begin to have difficulty achieving or sustaining an erection, doctors are quick to prescribe Cialis or Viagra. The problem, however, is that these drugs address only the hydraulics, rather than the big health picture. Additionally, they can cause unanticipated side effects.

    A cynical view might also be that these drugs are part of a Big Pharma marketing plan. For example, a side effect of Lipitor (the high-cholesterol drug) is erectile dysfunction. Is it coincidence that the company that manufactures Lipitor, Pfizer, also makes Viagra? In her book, Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher, former pharmaceutical sales representative Gwen Olsen reveals the often hidden agendas of big drug companies.

    Before using ED drugs, alternative approaches are certainly worth trying. Couple’s therapy and dietary changes are two possibilities. Help is also available from homeopathic practitioners.

    The Homeopathic Materia Medica includes hundreds of remedies that have been used to successfully treat male sexual problems, including loss of libido and erectile dysfunction. Homeopathic practitioners match a person’s particular, individual symptom picture to the recommended remedy. If you see your symptoms below, take a dose of the matched remedy in a 30c potency. If the remedy improves your situation, use it again if the same symptoms reoccur.

    Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction related to performance anxiety:
    1. Arg nit – Lax penis on attempting intercourse. Sexual organs have shriveled appearance. Lack of desire. Prone to performance anxiety in other areas of life. Has a tendency to rush things and make mistakes. Diarrhea when anxious.
    2. Gelsemium – Lack of muscular power in the penis, although desire is felt. Testes are small. “Rabbit in the headlights” type stage fright with heightened mental awareness. May have diarrhea when anxious.
    3. Lycopodium – Impotence after sexual excess. Useful in older men who have strong desire, but weak erections and premature ejaculation. Intense fear of public speaking or scrutiny, with fear of failure, although generally when the pressure is on, they do not fail. Digestive issues: abdominal gurgling, flatulence.

    Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction related to poor lifestyle choices:
    1. Arnica – Useful when ED is related to extreme exhaustion. May have erections, especially in the morning, but no desire for, or aversion to sex. Premature ejaculation can occur from a caress. Sensations: bruised, swollen, sore.
    2. Merc viv- Where symptoms of ED come on after dental work related to amalgam fillings or exposure to mercury from other sources. Loss of desire and erection. Sexual organs look shriveled. Sensitivity to temperature changes.
    3. Nux vom – Loss of erection during sexual activity. Suits those prone to workaholism and over indulge in rich food, alcohol, stimulants. Tend to be irritable, chilly and want to be left alone.
    3. Phos – Erection absent or ineffectual related to too much salt in diet.

    Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction related to emotions:
    1. Lachesis – Feels amorous, but penis is relaxed. May have jerking sensation in the penis. Prone to jealousy.
    2. Fl-ac – Erection with no desire. Silent and indifferent to loved ones. May feel the need to divorce partner or end relationship.
    3. Staphisagria – Erection lacking, after suppressed, unexpressed anger.

    If none of these particular descriptions match your symptoms, explore your situation with a homeopathic practitioner.