Hand Hygiene Basics To Keep You Healthy This Winter

    Hand Hygiene

    By: Annie Morgan

    With the winter season quickly rolling in – many people are already starting to get hit with nasty viruses and bugs.

    And even if you personally maintain good hygiene – that doesn’t mean everyone else around you does – and their lack of knowing (or caring) how to take care of themselves can actually get you sick.

    But the good news is, if you up your hand hygiene routine this winter – you can increase your chances of staying healthy.

    Proper hand hygiene is more than just washing your hands.

    Sure hand washing is critical, but even more important you need to make sure you are doing it right – as well as paying attention to your environment.

    Here are some ways you can maintain proper hygiene and stay healthy this winter.

    Of Course, Wash Your Hands

    Okay, this should be a given – but you’d be surprised how many people fail to wash their hands – even after leaving the restroom.

    And then these people leave the restroom with their dirty hands – and touch everything that you come into contact with.

    Grossed out yet?

    To beat the odds, this winter season you should wash your hands even more frequently.

    In addition to washing your hands before preparing meals, using the restroom, or applying your makeup – make it a habit to wash your hands whenever you get home or after coming in contact with people.

    At minimum – use hand sanitizer.

    Carry Hand Sanitizer

    Even if you are the most thorough person who washes and maintains personal hygiene – don’t bet on everyone else.

    Make sure to carry pocket hand sanitizer with you so you can sanitize your hands after being out in public and touching things like gas pumps, stair railings, and everything else people touch.

    Some stores and public places are catching on and have ones in their buildings – but bring your own just in case.

    Don’t Sneeze Into Your Hands

    Hopefully, you don’t do this – but if you do now is the time to stop! If you sneeze into your hands, all of those germs then are on your hands – and chances are you aren’t going to wash them before you go about your day – touching everything from elevator buttons to door handles.

    Instead, turn your face and sneeze into your arm.

    Of if you have kleenex – use that but be sure to throw it away when you are finished and don’t leave them all around your house, car, or purse – if you do you are jeopardizing the health of everyone around you!

    Proper Technique Is Key

    And when washing your hands, make sure to do it properly.

    Running your hands quickly underwater does not count!

    Use soap, and keep your hands in the water for about 20 seconds, making sure to wash your wrists and fingers firmly.

    And be sure to keep your hands out of your mouth (yes even you nail biters) and avoid touching your eyes and face.

    Maintaining good hand hygiene is yet another way you can help your body stay healthy this winter season!

    How often do you wash your hands?

    Have you ever thought about all the dirty things in public we touch each day?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know the hand hygiene basics to stay healthy this winter!