How Many Lives Has This Government Cover-Up Cost


    High cholesterol means coronary deaths.  Right?  That’s what the government has been telling us for 50 years.

    They also say the safe way to lower cholesterol is to switch from animal fat to vegetable oils.

    But what if it turns out their guidelines were not only wrong but were dangerous…and a major agency ignored its own study which proved the advice wrong.

    The very best double-blind study ever done which was supposed to prove the government’s position that lowering cholesterol would save people’s lives actually showed that their recommended diet lead to people dying faster.

    And they never published the results.

    This is one of those stories that sounds like a novel, but the truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

    Dr. Ancel Keys was a brilliant scientist and statistician.

    He was convinced that the cause of heart disease was high cholesterol, and his solution was to advocate a diet that would lower cholesterol.

    The easiest way to accomplish this in his mind was to cut animal fats and replace them with vegetable oils such as Crisco Oil.

    And while his data showed that if you reduce dietary cholesterol, you do lower the amount in the blood, he didn’t check to see if it improved health.

    One of his supporters was a doctor in Minnesota, who put together the only double-blind study on the link between lower cholesterol and mortality.

    The results were stunning – lowering cholesterol actually increased the morbidity rate.

    When people had animal fats replaced by corn and vegetable oils, margarine and the so-called healthy food, people died.

    The full data was never published because it didn’t fit the model the government wanted to push.

    Here was the biggest and only double-blind study which definitively showed that the so-called “heart healthy diet” pushed by the government showed not only did it not work, it killed people.

    The only reason why we know the results today is because the lead researcher kept all of his records in his basement and his son was able to find the data.

    Lead researcher Christopher E. Ramsden had heard of the study when he looked in the Sydney Heart Study which was done on a smaller scale but produced the same results.

    Dr. Ramsden’s interviews with people who worked at the National Institute of Health found that the reason the data wasn’t published was it just didn’t fit the narrative the government wanted to sell the citizens.

    The results were a surprise. Participants who ate a diet low in saturated fat and enriched with corn oil reduced their cholesterol by an average of 14 percent, compared with a change of just 1 percent in the control group.

    But the low-saturated fat diet did not reduce mortality. In fact, the study found that the greater the drop-in cholesterol, the higher the risk of death during the trial.

    The findings run counter to conventional dietary recommendations that advise a diet low in saturated fat to decrease heart risk.

    To this day government dietary guidelines call for Americans to replace saturated fat, which tends to raise cholesterol, with vegetable oils and other polyunsaturated fats, which lower cholesterol.

    And they are telling us this despite their own study which shows this tends to kill us.

    “One would expect that the more you lowered cholesterol, the better the outcome,” Dr. Ramsden said. “But in this case the opposite association was found. The greater degree of cholesterol-lowering was associated with a higher, rather than a lower, risk of death.”

    Americans have changed their dietary habits based on government guidelines.

    McDonald’s was forced to change the shortening it cooked its french fries into silence critics who claimed if it “wasn’t fried in vegetable oil it would kill you.”

    Since the government recommendations have been introduced, there has been a near epidemic of obesity and heart disease.

    This is not to say that the government wanted this result, but this is the result of people who follow their guidelines.