This Government Action Kills Americans Every Year

    Daylight Savings

    By Kennedy Shelley

    Every year this one government action kills 28 people in fatal car accidents.

    It is the switch to Daylight Savings Time.

    This new study shows the dramatic effects of the loss of just one hour of sleep inflicted by government mandates each year is actually very dangerous to people’s overall health, productivity and specifically leading to 28 people getting killed in fatal car wrecks each year.

    A new study released in Current Biology (which is considered a highly reputable scientific journal with intense peer review) showed what many have suspected for a long time.

    Many highway safety experts thought that more light at the end of the day might actually improve road safety, but the numbers just don’t bear that out.

    Strangely, we do this every year at the height of the cold and flu season which only makes us more vulnerable to infections and getting sick.

    And the other downside risks of losing this hour of sleep keep getting worse.

    Every year there is a spike in the number of heart attacks, workplace accidents and suicide.

    In short, government induced insomnia and widespread changes in sleep patterns could be considered mass homicide by government.

    A mass homicide is defined by the FBI as four or more killings without a cooling off period.

    When there is a mass shooting where four people are killed the media wants sudden change, but for some reason when we do something routinely that results in 28 needless deaths it never gets reported.

    The only difference between this and a criminal act is this is lawful.

    This is only the latest evidence that mass disruption in America’s sleep patterns is a serious problem.

    Last year the Journal of the American Medical Association did an in-depth look at the problems with the switch to Day Light Savings Time, and they pointed out even more problems.

    It throws off our body clocks for eight months every year.

    Why are we doing it?  Ostensibly the government believes it saves energy.

    It was implemented during WWI so factory workers would have more daylight to work on war production when artificial light was limited.

    And it does reduce energy consumption by .02% according the US Department of Energy.

    But is that minuscule reduction in energy consumption worth a 10% increase in heart attacks and 28 people dying in fatal car wrecks?

    For most people, a one-hour difference in their sleep schedule is no big deal.

    They adjust pretty rapidly, but for those with neurological disorders the effects can be really problematic.

    One young man in Nebraska tracked his seizure rates after Daylight Savings Time happened and he noticed a marked increase.

    Currently, only Hawaii, Georgia and Arizona protect their citizens from the annual time change.

    This causes confusion for some people and some citizens complain that they forget their favorite shows and their computers automatically update even though their time zone didn’t change.

    And there are practical problems.

    Businesses found out when President Bush changed the date to March that their automatic door locks needed to be updated because the time change was hard-wired into the devices.

    But now that we have seen even more evidence that people are needlessly dying and the coronavirus has made more people aware of the importance of good sleep to maintaining good immune health, this may be a good time for Congress to get rid of insomnia.