Your Flu Shot Probably Won’t Work, Now What

    Flu Vaccine

    By Kennedy Shelley

    The flu vaccine is pushed by big pharma and the government each year.  Yet, even they admit that it probably won’t work this year.

    The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has admitted that they may have predicted wrong what will be the “big strain” of the virus this year.

    The CDC has to guess or predict what they think will be the strain of the flu that will affect the general population months before the flu season hits because you have to make the vaccine in advance.

    It is not a perfect science.

    Unfortunately, while they won’t come out and say they guessed wrong, they are strongly hinting they guessed wrong.

    The vaccine is not a guarantee that you will not get the flu even if they guessed right.  It is reportedly 60% effective in stopping the flu if they get the right strain.

    You see the flu is not just one virus, there are four types (A, B, C, and D) with sub-variations.

    It is a highly complex science to predict what is coming and ramp up the flu vaccine to combat it.

    What was predicted for the 2019-20 flu season is not likely to happen.

    This means the vaccine you might be mandated to take will probably not protect you.

    And not everyone wants to take the vaccine.

    Some people have some bad reactions to the flu vaccine with headaches and cold like symptoms following the shot.

    According to the government numbers 5-10% of those who get it experience some negative side effects of various levels of severity.

    But the downside of coming down with the flu if you are generally healthy is three weeks of feeling horrible and loss of work.

    But if you have certain health risks, the flu can become a very dangerous problem.

    People with compromised immune systems, asthma, and the elderly are at particular risk.

    The flu itself may not kill them, but the secondary infections might.

    So how do you protect yourself if the vaccine won’t do it for you?


    Just because you were exposed to the flu virus does not mean you are going to get it.

    Having a strong immune system is your best protection.

    That means, don’t stress.

    Stress tears down your immune system.

    Good food and sleep will generally help.  Smoking too much and drinking alcohol are going to stress the body, that compromises your immune system.

    Learn to say “no.”  Taking on too many work projects, late nights at the office and staying out late partying can just set you up for three weeks in bed.

    Making health a priority during the flu season may be your best defense.


    A couple of thousand years ago, Hippocrates’ noted that food was the best medicine.  This is not the time of year to be binging on junk and highly processed food.

    Go to the grocery store and buy stuff that doesn’t have a government nutrition label on it.

    That means it’s not processed food, but instead a real, whole food.

    So, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and vegetables.

    The flu season also corresponds with your New Years’ resolutions anyway, so make this the year that you avoid the flu by boosting your immune system.