Watch As The Epidemic Spreads

    Coronavirus Epidemic

    By Kennedy Shelley

    The world is facing a worldwide epidemic, which may be the greatest killer on the planet, but it’s not the coronavirus.

    The coronavirus is a problem that has killed several thousand and set off a great panic throughout the world, but it is nothing compared to the spread of this disease which is killing millions each year.

    This is metabolic syndrome which is closely tied to obesity.  Why isn’t the world washing its hands of sugar as much as we are sucking hand sanitizer off the shelves at Costco?

    You can see the spread of obesity in the US in the above video and it looks like the spread of a plague, yet somehow, we are absolutely ignoring it.

    Dr. Robert Lustig in 2013 published a paper that predicted where the epidemic of metabolic syndrome would spread.

    What he found was whenever there were 150 additional calories available to a population in sugar (about the same in a 12 ounce can of soda), type 2 diabetes rose 1%.

    It contributed to obesity and the collapse of metabolic health.

    When you start putting more sugar into a population, you soon get more heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease.

    This is now a predictable model.

    And each case of type two diabetes is expensive.  Nearly 1/3 of a trillion dollars is spent on the care of type 2 diabetics.  It might bankrupt our Medicaid system in six years.

    The American Heart Association is slowly backing off the idea that animal fats cause heart attacks, but is the word getting out fast enough that sugar really is public health enemy #1?

    This is all happening when politicians like NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY 14) are blaming all the problems of the world on cows and their farts, but ignoring the fact that government-subsidized sugar products take a huge human toll, and sugar production actually hurts the environment.

    Interestingly, the reason given for high tobacco taxes was to offset the increased costs of healthcare for those who smoke given that if a person doesn’t die early in life from smoking, they will have costs of emphysema and lung cancers.

    Should we consider doing the same for sugar because of the increased health care costs?

    Why is sugar given a pass as the cause of our obesity and metabolic health crisis?

    In many ways, it is the same reason why we didn’t get bent out of shape over tobacco for years.

    We all knew people who smoked for years and didn’t have a problem.

    And until secondhand smoke became an issue, we tended to let people make their own decisions.

    There is also a psychological reason.

    We would all know that someone is a bad parent if they gave their seven-year-old a beer, but arguably that is the metabolic equivalent of giving the same kid a sugary soda.

    We also equate sugary food as a treat and desert.  It’s a reward we give our kids when they do a good job.

    But deserts and treats are not the number one source of sugar in our diet.  It mostly comes from hidden added sugars in nearly all of our processed foods.

    Right now, as everyone is tracking the coronavirus spread, take a moment to pause on the bigger epidemic that is threatening to bankrupt the health care system.

    To find out more about the dangers of metabolic syndrome see this article in Freedom Health News.