Eliminating Leaky Gut Once and For All Could Be as Easy As...

Eliminating Leaky Gut Once and For All Could Be as Easy As Eating Animal Bones

Leaky Gut

By Adam

There’s some controversy surrounding leaky gut.

Some medical professionals feel like leaky gut is a made up disease, and while they may feel like that, there are plenty of studies that indicate leaky guy, AKA intestinal permeability, is a real condition with real needs for treatment.

All that being said, eliminating leaky gut once and for all could be as simple as eating animal bones.

Why It’s Critically Important to Heal Leaky Gut

In a normal, healthy digestive tract, the intestines keep food trapped inside where the body can digest it, or expel it via excrement and urine.

In a leaky gut, exposure to toxins, gluten, pollution, and foods the host body is sensitive to, create microscopic gaps in the gut lining.

These gaps contribute to the development of leaky gut – otherwise known as intestinal permeability.

In this chronic condition, the porous intestinal lining allows for food particulate to seep through the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream.

Once these particles make it into the bloodstream, the body activates an immune response to help deal with what they deem to be “foreign invaders.”

This can result in chronic inflammation – which may lead to auto-immune conditions as well as the development of other possible health issues.

Fortunately, leaky gut can be treated simply through the consumption of a rich matrix of proteins that help to “sew the gut back shut.”

These proteins, known as collagen, come from animal bones and connective tissue and are great at helping repair a damaged gut.

This is why many medical professionals are now advising their patients to eat animal bones to cure leaky gut.

The Almost Magical Way Animal Bones May Help Cure Leaky Gut

When you think of the intestinal wall, don’t think of it as a flat surface like a wall in your house.

Instead, think of it as a wall that looks like a curtain, with folds upon folds. These microscopic folds are known as villi, and unsurprisingly, the villi are made of collagen.

When you ingest collagen, your body will take the collagen right to the small holes that have formed and then weave the villi back together.

The more collagen you consume, the more of the proverbial leak you’re able to seal.

Once the perforations in your gut lining are filled, it means food won’t be damaging your immune system any longer but will serve to support cellular health and help grow tissue, just as it’s designed to do.

In terms of mechanistic action, collagen helps to heal the gut mainly because it’s a blend of proteins that help to grow your villi.

Just like you’d take a protein shake to build muscle, taking collagen supplies your body with amino acids, it can use to heal and seal the gut.

The proteins found in collagen aren’t found in many other food sources, which is why there’s a strong need to take collagen directly to heal a leaky gut.

Collagen comes from the connective tissue and bones of animals.

And while it would be best to build a diet off of those food sources, it can be tough both from a financial standpoint (as well as time-intensive) to get all the collagen you’d need by boiling down animal bones.

This is why companies all over are creating collagen supplements at a rapid pace.

By dissolving a few grams of supplemental collagen in water, or fruit juice, people are able to get therapeutic doses of collagen in their diet and heal their gut – no medication needed – and results are nearly guaranteed.