Early Warning Signs You Might Be Depressed


    By: Annie Morgan

    Known as a silent killer, depression is a mental disorder crippling people across the country.

    In fact, the Anxiety And Depression Society Of America reports that more than 16.1 million adults struggle with major depressive order in a given year!

    But with so many adults struggling with depression, society still seems to not want to talk about it – leaving many people battling with depression feeling like they are all alone.

    What makes depression even more complicated is people who are depressed usually struggle with other mental illnesses like anxiety, panic attacks, or bipolar disorder – just to name a few.

    The good news is, many people often display early warning signs of depression – and if depression is caught early on it can be conquered before it develops into a serious problem.

    While depression affects everyone differently – there are common signs that many people experience.

    If you happen to be experiencing some of the following symptoms listed below – it might be a good time to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

    Personality Changes

    We all have good days and bad days, but if you find yourself frequently snapping at your family members or co-workers or suddenly losing patience with the old lady at the grocery store – take an inventory of your life.

    Be honest and ask yourself is it really just a “bad day”?

    Or, do you notice you are frequently becoming more agitated and on edge?

    And the answer could be as simple as you are simply stressed out lately.

    Maybe you’re simply sleep deprived and extra on edge – but if you suddenly find yourself bursting out in tears or fits of anger for no apparent reason – this is a major warning sign something is wrong.

    Health Central reported:

    “Agitated depression refers to a situation where depression and restlessness co-exist. In this situation the person finds it very difficult to simply sit or lie still. Despite their feelings of depression they are on the go, and often irritable, angry, frustrated and impulsive. This is associated with high risks of suicide, other forms of self-harm or violence towards those who may be perceived as the cause.”

    Sleep Disturbance

    Often times, when one is depressed their sleeping patterns, are one of the first things to be disrupted.

    People who are depressed tend to want to escape reality and just make the pain stop – so sleeping for long periods of time is seen as an escape and a quick way to shut out the world.

    On the opposite end, many people who have the blues find it difficult to sleep at all – and find themselves tossing and turning throughout the night unable to sleep.

    And then when you add things like stress or unhealthy patterns of excessive sleeping pills – it makes the problem even worse.

    If you notice yourself falling into unhealthy sleeping patterns – try natural methods first before jumping to prescription drugs.

    Try going to bed at the same time each night, and limit your screen interactions a few hours before bedtime.

    And if you are stressed, make sure you are implementing self-care methods like Epsom salt baths or stretching as a way to unwind.

    Poor Hygiene

    If a normally well put-together person suddenly starts coming to the office with dirty hair and wrinkled clothes – it could be a warning sign something is wrong.

    People who are depressed often lack motivation to do basic things – which includes normal daily activities like showering and taking care of one’s appearance.

    Likewise, if you find yourself suddenly not caring what you look like and how you leave the house – and lately barely have the motivation to brush your teeth or change out of your PJs – you might be depressed.

    No judgment – but do not ignore this early warning sign.

    Loss Of Interest In Activities

    Maybe you used to find joy in spending time with friends or family on the weekend – and now all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch Netflix.

    Depression is deeper than just needing a night in alone to regroup.

    Many people who battle depression often tend to isolate, and no longer have a desire to be around people.

    It can start off slow with calling in sick to work more frequently, to missing important meetings – and then progress to not even wanting to spend time with close friends and family.

    One of the lies that many people who are depressed believe is that they are all alone and no one cares about them.

    If you struggle with depression – please know this is your depression talking and it is not the truth!

    Make sure to schedule activities so you aren’t alone – even if it is a simple coffee date with a friend.

    Take It One Day At A Time

    If you are feeling depressed please know you are not alone.

    You might be tempted to sleep all the time or eat unhealthy foods – but now more than ever it is important you maintain healthy eating habits.

    Binging on sugar or high-carb foods will only make your body feel worse.

    Take the time to exercise as best you can even if it is a walk around the block or stretching in your home.

    Have you ever struggled with depression?

    What are some other early warning signs of depression you may have experienced?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know how to spot the early warning signs of depression.