Creative Ways To Drink More Water Each Day


    By: Annie Morgan

    Our bodies are estimated to be composed of nearly 60 percent water – yet most Americans fail to get their daily recommended dose of hydration each day.

    And with many Americans addicted to sugary drinks, people are more likely to pick up a soda than down a glass of water.

    So if you’re struggling with how to drink more water – you aren’t alone – but the good news is there are creative ways that can help you actually enjoy drinking water!

    Check out our water hacks which will help make sure you get your daily dose of water.

    Throw In Some Fresh Fruit

    Many people don’t drink water as they claim it “doesn’t have enough taste.”

    This is especially true for people used to chugging back cans of sugar-laced soda and other fruit drinks.

    But drinking water doesn’t need to be boring!

    You can throw in a small handful of frozen blueberries or raspberries for a refreshing treat.

    Even chopping up lime or lemon and having slices handy to throw into your water will give it a fresh citrus taste.

    Invest In A Good Water Bottle

    Spend the money and get a reusable water bottle that works best for you and your particular lifestyle.  This means one you’re likely to use every day.

    If you are an avid outdoorsy type person, you might want one with a handle you can hook to a backpack.

    Get annoyed having to fill the small 12oz-16oz bottles multiple times a day?

    Invest in a 32oz bottle or bigger so you can knock out your daily water quota with just a few fills!

    And don’t forget to make sure it fits in your middle car cupholder as many people make the mistake of not checking this first and get frustrated when their water bottle doesn’t fit – so they end up give up bringing it with them each day.

    It’s also important to invest in quality – as you want one that has a strong seal that won’t leak all over your stuff.

    Chances are when you have a solid water bottle you actually like – you’ll drink water more!

    Think Convenience

    You shouldn’t be drinking tap water – but don’t use that as an excuse to not drink water at all because you don’t have any!

    It’s recommended you get a filtration system for your home so the water is safe to drink.

    If you aren’t looking for that investment, consider having water delivered to your home in jugs – you can purchase a dispenser for relativity cheap and you’ll never run out of water!

    For those really trying to save a buck, many health stores offer reverse osmosis water refills for as little as .25 a gallon – so you can drink quality water for a great price!

    Your Body Needs Water

    Make sure you are drinking half your body weight in ounces each day.

    Water has so many health benefits – from flushing out your system to helping reduce headaches.

    If you’re not used to drinking water, continue increasing your consumption each day until you hit your goal.

    Make it a habit to order water whenever you are out at a restaurant and be sure your water bottle is always filled.

    With just a few hacks, you’re on your way to staying hydrated and refreshed throughout the day!

    How many ounces of water do you drink each day?

    Which of these is your favorite way to drink more water?

    Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know creative ways to drink more water!