This One Drink Seems to Help Your Entire Body

This One Drink Seems to Help Your Entire Body

Green Tea

The evidence that green tea helps your entire body continues to grow.

Five or more cups of green tea per day was shown to lower your risk of a cardiovascular death by 26%.

For every 3 cups you drink, your risk of cognitive disorders drops 29%.

Why is this happening?  Green tea has a polyphenol known as catechins.

The green tea catechins are free radical scavengers and highly anti-inflammatory.

Increasing catechins seems to be the main mechanism for the positive benefits.

The powerful chemicals seem to help your body fight various cancers.

Scientists noticed that apoptosis (cancer cell death) occurs in the presence of catechins and stop further growth.

According to at least one study, it seems to do this by keeping nutrients away from cancer cells.

The news just seems to get better when it comes to drinking green tea.

People who drink 1-5 cups of green tea have nearly half the risk of ever developing high blood pressure compared to those who never drink it.

Drinking more than five cups a day seems to lower the risk of high blood pressure, dropping it to 65% according to an article in Obesity in 2007.

Do you want to lower your cholesterol?   The so-called bad cholesterol was lower in green tea drinkers.

In 2018 overweight women were given green tea for six weeks and had their LDL drop 4.8%.

It even reduces body fat.  Drinking green tea for 12 weeks leads to a 10.3% fat loss.  The study participants also lost an inch off their waist.

Healthline says that green tea is the healthiest drink on the planet, and from the studies above, it surely has to rank right up there with water as the go-to beverage.

While green tea does contain caffeine, it is half as much as in the traditional black tea and coffee has 5 times more caffeine than green tea.

The caffeine, when combined with the nutrients in green tea, seems to help boost brain performance without giving you the brain fog and jitters that can happen with a big dose of coffee or an energy drink.

It also boosts the brain by improving blood flow.

In one Swiss study, MRIs revealed that people who drank green tea had greater activity in the working memory area of their brains.

Another study showed that green tea blocked the formation of some of the cholesterol plaques that have been seen in brains with Alzheimer’s disease.

And if you are worried about blood sugar, it also helps with long term glucose control.

In the Journal of Diabetes green tea was shown to reduce A1c levels.

A1c is the measure of how much sugar sticks to a red blood cell over an average of the three- month life span of the red blood cell.

It doesn’t just lower it, the study showed that it also helps maintain blood glucose control over the long haul.

There doesn’t seem to be any downside in getting 5 or more cups of green tea a day and many potential benefits.

Plus, you get a mild stimulant effect to help get you through your busy day without being jittery.

It is tough to see any reason why you wouldn’t put this on your daily to-do list.