Dr. Oz Reveals His Favorite Low-Cost Anti-Aging Tricks


    During a recent episode of Dr. Oz, the popular surgeon and talk show host shared his favorite anti-aging solutions. He put special emphasis on recommending products and tips that are inexpensive and free of chemicals. His list included:

    1. Vitamin B3 cream. Memhet Oz calls this “Botox in a bottle” because vitamin B3 renews skin by enhancing blood flow to produce noticably softer, wrinkle-free skin. Buy a cream with niacin or niacinamide on the label. Apply to your face and neck twice daily.

    2. Bearberry extract. Dr. Oz says bearberry extract is a powerful weapon against age spots, which most woman get at some point due to free radicals and sun exposure. Bearberry extract works by suppressing the melanin-producing process. Shop for bearberry extract, or look for arbutrin on the label. Use this product continually for at least six weeks. “It took a while for your age spots to form, so it’ll take a while to get rid of them,” says Dr. Oz.

    3. Epsom salt baths; use these for weight loss. Dr. Oz says you can reduce your waist and thighs by as much an an inch by taking a 10-minute bath in Epsom salt (or magnesium sulfate), which draws out toxins and excess fluids.

    “It’s naturally anti-inflammatory,” explains Dr. Oz. The weight loss is temporary, but the anti-toxin effect of an Epsom salt bath is not. And of course, the bath is relaxing and inexpensive. Just put two cups of Epsom salt into hot bath water, and soak ten minutes, two or three times weekly.

    Three Anti-Aging Pills That Fight Wrinkles

    Dr. Tess Mauricio, a dermatologist, was Dr. Oz’s guest, and she recommends three supplements to help turn back the hands of time. “After four weeks, you are going to see results,” Dr. Mauricio said.

    These anti-aging supplements include the following:

    1. Lipowheat. Lipowheat (which comes in vegetarian liquid capsules) smooth away wrinkles and gives skin a radiant glow from the inside out. These ceramides (or fatty molecules) have been proven in clinical trials to protect the skin from the elements and lock in moisture. For the best results, take 350 milligrams of Lipowheat every morning.

    2. Oral collagen. Dr. Oz recommends you use the pill form of collagen to ward off wrinkles. Oral collagen keeps hair and nails stronger and younger looking, while also enhancing bone and joint health. It costs only about $12 for a month’s supply. Check the label to be sure you are buying hydrolyzed collagen. Take 2,000 milligrams before eating, first thing in the morning.

    3. Polypodium Leucotomos Extract, or PLE, protects skin from damaging ultraviolet rays. Dr. Oz refers to it as sunscreen in a bottle. Dr. Mauricio suggests you may also want to add a topical sunscreen. A month’s supply of PLE costs around $10. Look on the label for Polypodium Leucotomos Extract. Take 20 milligrams twenty to thirty minutes before going out into the sun, and increase the dosage for longer exposure.