What Is The Cost Of Postponing The Inevitable

    Inevitable Coronavirus

    By Kennedy Shelley

    If you rely on the Drudge Report to get your news, you get the mistaken idea that closing the economy and isolation will stop you from getting a virus.

    Somehow postponing an inevitable infection is a cure.

    Frankly, it is not.  Remember two weeks ago doctors and public health officials asked the public to keep social distance just to flatten the curve.

    But the sensationalistic media has morphed “flattening the curve” to “avoid it altogether.”

    Several weeks of social distancing has done what was initially hoped.  In all but a few pockets, hospitals are not overwhelmed.

    There are a few noticeable exceptions.

    In New York City the virtue signaling health department encouraged people to go to the Chinese New Years’ mass events to show they were not racists like President Trump who stopped plane travel from China to the US.

    Now the socialized medical system of New York is swamped.

    In New Orleans, the Democrat Mayor decided to ignore the virus and allowed Mardi Gras to continue, and now they are suffering from a spike in cases and the mayor blames President Trump.

    But most of the country canceled mass gatherings and big sporting events and are not having a problem with an overwhelmed healthcare system.

    The media loves drama.  “If it bleeds, it leads” the nightly newscast.

    But they are ignoring the vast majority of hospitals that still have half of their Intensive Care (ICU) beds empty and instead focus on the small pockets of coronavirus spikes.

    The reality is that most people who have been exposed to COVID-19 and had the infection never have a perceptible symptom.

    Until or if there is an anti-body test you will not know with certainty if you are forever immune to the virus.

    There is no escaping the reality that sooner or later, everyone will get it, and most will never know it.

    A very small number of people, usually those with heart disease or serious lung problems might become very sick and possibly die of a lung infection.

    Most that require a ventilator to breathe during this last stage probably won’t survive.

    The prospect of dying while gasping for breath is terrifying and horrible.

    And the Drudge Report is full of lurid headlines everyday about those poor people who are suffering.

    But their solution is that everyone stays in their basement forever.

    Just because the headline writers at Drudge can work behind a computer all day in their parents’ basement and can eat a non-stop diet of delivered food doesn’t mean people who work at real jobs have that option.

    The real solution is ending the underlying health problems that put you at risk, which basically means educating yourself about metabolic syndrome, and do the things that stop it.  (See this article in Freedom Health News if you don’t know what it is).

    This graph from Bloomberg News shows exactly what the real problem is based on real data from Italy:

    In short, if you don’t want to die from COVID-19, get healthy.

    Most of the illnesses that put you at risk are lifestyle and diet related.

    You have control of your health.

    Forced quarantines will not save anyone but stopping the health conditions that put you at risk of horrible complications of the coronavirus and an early death from a heart attack or stroke are within your control.

    Shutting down freedom won’t save one life; it just postpones the inevitable.