This One Fact Could Make The Coronavirus Worst Than Thought


    By Kennedy Shelley

    The coronavirus is proving to be three times deadlier than the flu.  At least as far as we know from China and a few other countries.

    Could the same reasons why 70% of men 18-34 can’t join the Army make it worse in the US?

    The biggest reason why young men are barred from service is they are obese and diabetic.  In short, they have a very weak immune system.

    For every person who got the flu in 2018 and 2019, about one person in 1000 died after getting the disease.

    But when you look at this rate by age, you see that with flu, children – only 1 child in 10,000 dies.  But when you look at those older than 65 that jumps to 83 out of 10,000.  The reason why is the weakened immune system.

    Many older people are immune to the current strain of flu because they got it when they were younger and healthier.

    The coronavirus is a new disease that many do not have any natural protection from.

    That may be the reason why 15% of those over 65 who contract the coronavirus die.

    The numbers are not complete.  People who get a mild version may just stay home and never get officially diagnosed.

    But another group that is particularly at risk of dying from the flu are people with type 2 diabetes according to the Center for Disease Control.

    Over 30% of those hospitalized for the flu had diabetes.

    Unlike many young adults in the world, the US population is particularly vulnerable.  For over 30 years the vast majority of schools have not had any physical education programs.

    The amount of obesity in the young has skyrocketed as we have supersized drinks and French fries.  And we as a country watch more and more tv and spend our time on the internet not working out.

    The result is 70% of the young men unfit for military service.

    Some in the military have called this a national security crisis

    But it could also mean major problems in the case of a wide pandemic in the US.

    So many young people who are already metabolic unhealthy are at high risk for infection and with this virus killing three times the number as the regular flu, this could be worse than the Spanish Flu that broke out during WWI.

    The flu killed over 45,000 soldiers in the US Army with 29% being sickened by it.  And these were the fit people who were eligible and were in the Army.

    Imagine what would happen if this got unleashed in those who were not strong enough to serve.

    This is one of the striking side effects of the nation’s obesity and diabetes crisis.

    Freedom Health News has been warning about the dangers of metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes for a long time.

    It is going to cost the health care system $330 billion a year in a few years and the cost estimates are only going higher.  See this article for more information.

    While your best defense remains washing your hands, you can’t ignore that it might be time to learn more about how to stop metabolic syndrome.