The Coronavirus In Perspective


    By Kennedy Shelley

    The media is going nuts about the spread of the Coronavirus.  Senator Schumer is blaming President Trump for not doing enough about the crisis.

    Thousands of people have died, and China is cracking down on the disease with heavy-handed military precision and cruise ships are being quarantined.

    But is this worth all the hype?  Since the virus was isolated nearly 2000 people have died.

    It is a fact, no one gets out of this world alive.  In the US, the median age of death is 86, with average life expectancy is 78.

    The median is when you look at life expectancy if you don’t die early which drives down the average.  So, what is the thing that is most likely to kill you prematurely?

    By far the greatest cause of death is heart disease.  It will kill 647,000 Americans.

    Every day as many Americans will die of heart disease as those who have died of the Coronavirus worldwide since the start of the year.

    Unlike the Coronavirus, much of what we know about heart disease makes it preventable and within our control.

    It’s a disease of inflammation basically because we get too much sugar and carbohydrates.

    Eliminate these and we eliminate most of the top killers in the US because we will have stopped metabolic syndrome.

    If you are not sure what metabolic syndrome is, see this article in Freedom Health News.

    The next biggest killer is all the forms of cancer with 599,000 deaths.

    Again, more people will die of cancer every day that have died in January and February of 2020 of the Coronavirus.

    Then it drops rapidly.  According to the Center for Disease control, number three on the list are accidents with 169,000.

    Some of these are auto, some are workplace, and some are accidental overdoses.

    When you look just at auto accidents alone, it is #7 on the list of killers that steal the most years from people because of premature death.

    Thankfully, we don’t die in as many accidents as we used to, especially at work.

    But when you add it up, 28,000 in the US will have died of accidents compared to the 2000 Coronavirus deaths worldwide.

    Then we have people dying of lung problems.  Emphysema, asthma, COPD are the fourth largest killers, taking out 160,000 Americans.

    Then we get into strokes which kill 146,000 Americans.  But to put this into perspective, stroke is the leading cause of long-term permanent disability in the US.

    Again, there are several problems, many of which you can do something about that are far more likely to cut your life short than the Coronavirus.

    Add to that, most of the people who are dying of the Coronavirus are generally elderly or have compromised immune systems from other causes.

    It’s not that a major outbreak of a contagious virus is something that should be trivialized, but it does need to be put into perspective with the very real killers in the US.

    Freedom Health News will keep you updated on anything that might happen with the virus, but we encourage everyone to pay attention to the big health picture.

    By the way, as it stands now the best thing you can do is keep your immune system strong.  See this article in Freedom Health News to make it even stronger.