The Coronavirus Exposed This Huge Problem


    By Kennedy Shelley

    Relying on India and China for our drugs is a national security risk according to the Pentagon, but it’s also putting our health in danger.

    There is hope that certain drugs seem to stop COVID-19 in its tracks…but what if we can’t rely on the generic drugs to actually do what they say they are going to do?

    While there is some evidence and case reports that hydroxychloroquine works on COVID, at least one Indian manufacturer of the drug has a long-documented history of manipulating its data and lying to regulators.

    But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Overseas generic drugs have a little US oversight, but there is no real legal recourse if they sell you drugs that harm your health.

    We are trusting the foxes to say the henhouse is secure.

    Generic drugs are supposed to be within 5% of the equivalent name brand drug.  But more and more evidence is in which shows that often this is just not the case.

    This is often a matter of life and death for certain patients, especially those with neurological and heart problems.

    Even small differences in drugs can kill.

    In the book “Bottle of Lies” the author describes how even an executive at an Indian pharmaceutical firm learned not to use his own companies’ antibiotics when his son’s ear infection would not heal until he went to a name brand drug.

    Many patients go to their doctor and complain that the medicine they have been taking for years is no longer working, but they and their doctor don’t realize that the drug store had switched to another cheaper manufacturer.

    We all assume that medicine is all the same and that big Pharma is just trying to price gauge us and the government is testing everything.  Unfortunately, this is not always true.

    The US Government doesn’t have the same authority to inspect drug companies like they do in the US.

    While there is some oversight, it is not the same as the unannounced inspections that we have in the US.

    Part of the reason why US drugs are more expensive is we do have higher manufacturing and safety standards than they do in India and China.

    All of our medicines are not the same.

    This is not to say that all generics are dangerous.  There are some very reputable manufactures of generic drugs in India.

    The problem is you probably have no idea who even makes your drugs and know very little about the manufacturer.

    We all trust that our chain drug store and the government is looking after us, but are you willing to bet your health or your life on it?

    As of right now, there is not a website that tracks the quality of generic drug manufacturers.

    And sometimes there are management changes at companies which may mean a drug that used to be reliable, might not be now.

    You can do your own research by searching the name of the manufacturer of your medication on the FDA’s website.