A Diet High In Corn Oil Could Lead To Breast Cancer

    Corn Oil

    By: Annie Morgan

    Every good cook knows the importance of selecting the right cooking oil, but many people fail to realize just how toxic some of them are.

    Even worse, some people mistakenly assume they can get the cheapest oil because it “does the job”, not realizing the harmful effects it can have on one’s health.

    To make matters even worse – studies show that some cooking oils can even lead to cancer – so before you fry up your next meal, make sure you know which oils to stay away from.

    A Diet High In Corn Oil

    A study was done with lab rats, where they were fed a diet high-corn oil and a diet high in extra virgin olive oil to determine if either caused an increase in mammary tumors.

    As it turns out – those who had a diet of high-corn oil had a clear “stimulating effect” on the mammary carcinogenesis.

    Science Direct reported:

    “Animals were fed a low-fat, a high-corn-oil (HCO) or a high-extra-virgin-olive-oil (HOO) diet from weaning or after induction. The HCO diet had a clear stimulating effect on mammary carcinogenesis, especially when dietary intervention started after induction, whereas the tumors from HOO diet groups exhibited clinical and morphological characteristics similar to those from low-fat controls.”

    Hidden In Other Oils

    You might think if you forgo corn oil you’re safe.

    But corn oil is found in many other common products people have lurking in their kitchen.

    Vegetable oil is one of the most common cooking oils found in most kitchens, but it’s actually a combination of unhealthy oils like corn, soybean, and palm.

    And while people on a “low fat” diet think they are healthy for giving up butter for margarine – nothing could be further from the truth!

    Corn oil is a key ingredient in margarine – as if you needed yet another reason to avoid this processed food.

    Healthy Alternatives

    The Keto lifestyle encourages the use of healthy cooking oils such as coconut oil.

    Olive oil is another key stable in Keto homes, as many Keto fans even drizzle a little olive oil on their salad with fresh pepper as an alternative salad dressing.

    But make sure when you are buying olive oil it is legit – some of the cheap ones have substitute fillers, and or were made with moldy olives.

    When it comes to oil, quality really does matter!

    You Really Shouldn’t Eat Corn Anything

    Many people on a gluten-free diet are consuming massive amounts of corn products because they are a gluten-free alternative.

    But remember, just because something is gluten-free, doesn’t mean it is healthy!

    Corn has no nutritional value, and because it is rich in starch, it can make your blood sugar spike, leading to a host of health problems.

    Not to mention it is genetically modified, so you really have no idea what you are eating.

    And with the latest study linking a high-corn oil diet to increased tumor size in the breast – it’s best to avoid it altogether.

    What cooking oil do you use at home?

    Were you surprised to learn just how bad cooking with corn oil actually is for you?

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