Why Closing The Beach Could Lead To Coronary Carnage


    By Kennedy Shelley

    Governors in several states have closed down beaches in order to promote social distancing during the 2020 Coronavirus scare.

    It is impossible to find a tanning bed place that is still open while everyone is COVID-19 scared.

    But, one of the unintended consequences of this policy is to put more people at risk of heart disease and strangely also more at risk of developing complications of the virus that can lead to death.

    It turns out that sun exposure is a natural way to lower blood pressure.

    This may not be widely reported because everyone assumes that sun exposure automatically leads to deadly skin cancer, but there is very little evidence that is actually true.


    In 1982 scientists noted that blood pressure varies greatly between the summer and winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  It all related to how much sun exposure people got.

    More sun equaled lower blood pressure.

    In July of 2014 the reason why was isolated by Dr. Liu and his team.  It turns out that nitric oxide is released in the body by sun exposure.

    Nitric oxide is one of your body’s most important molecules for blood pressure health.

    It relaxes the inner muscles of the circulatory system allowing blood to course smoothly.

    And sunlight and UV light keeps your nitric oxide levels high.  Which means closing tanning beds and beaches is actually horrible for heart health.

    One of the reasons many think that viruses spread so rapidly during the winter and slow during the summer is the amount of UV radiation we receive.  It increases vitamin D and now we can see it improves nitric oxide levels.

    Why does this matter to the coronavirus?  The people who are hospitalized with the virus have a host of other health problems, chief amongst them is high blood pressure.

    To deny people access to healthy sun exposure and tanning beds is really putting people’s health at risk by government edict.


    One of the reasons people don’t get as much sun as they used to is because of the constant refrain that sun exposure causes cancer.

    But like many things that we assume to be true because of constant repetition doesn’t really have a great deal of evidence to back it up.

    Now there is evidence that sunburns are not only painful but may cause damage to the skin and cause what are referred to as “cosmetic” skin cancers, but no direct evidence that it creates the deadly malignant melanoma.

    If this were the case, then everyone who lives in the tropics would be dying in droves because of their high exposure to UV radiation.

    The body provides additional protection against skin cancers because of the complex chemical reactions when we are exposed to the sun.

    Vitamin D and nitric oxide are just part of this protective reaction.

    Dr. Sam Schuster in the British Medical Journal explains that the highly lethal malignant melanomas are more of a feature of ethnicity, not pigmentation.

    Three-quarters of all cases of malignant melanomas occur in areas which are not exposed to the sun.

    Melanomas actually decrease with sun exposure.

    The bottom line is this, sun exposure is good for health.  Burns are painful and damaging to the skin.

    And bans on being outside and at the beach are actually the wrong prescription to stop a pandemic.