Climate Change Activists Want To Control Your Diet

    Lancet Diet

    By Kennedy Shelley

    You might remember the young Swede at the UN chiding the world “how dare you steal my childhood?”

    While many may dismiss Greta’s rant, climate change alarmists have used her as a rallying point to demand changes in how we live, but maybe more importantly, how and what we can eat.

    One of the most influential medical journals on the planet, England’s The Lancet, has a new diet, not based on health, but on “planet sustainability.”

    What is not mentioned in the report is this is also a diet that maintains corporate sustainability.

    When you look at the list of corporate sponsors of the effort, you will find the world’s largest food giants:

    All of these companies have a vested interest in plant-based diets, not meat.

    The report absolutely ignores the mountain of evidence that shows that sugar and carbs increase insulin in the body causing metabolic resistance which eventually leads to type II diabetes.

    And then outrageously suggests that meat causes diabetes.

    To see why this claim is so ridiculous, see this article in Freedom Health News.

    What is particularly infuriating about the Lancet EAT diet is that even the UN has warned that this type of diet could lead to significant health problems.

    One of the main reasons stated for getting rid of meat is because farm animals belch.  That produces methane which they reason is poisoning the atmosphere.

    What they don’t mention is that every animal does this which means that if you want to save the planet you also need to get rid of dogs, cats, and horses.

    The so-called “natural and healthy” EAT diet also requires a great deal of artificial supplementation of key nutrients because we simply can not meet all of our nutritional needs with a plant-based diet.

    And because of commercial agriculture, much of our soil is depleted of many nutrients that we assume are in our food today but may not be because those tests were done 50-75 years ago.

    In short, the EAT diet is a prescription for worldwide malnutrition and higher rates of obesity and type II diabetes.

    We should know this because for the last 50 years the Western World has been eating less red meat and more carbs.

    And we have had an epidemic of type II diabetes throughout the world.

    The problem with these types of reports is they often are uncritically accepted by the mainstream media who judges it on its intentions and not on the facts.

    In other words, “how dare you condemn the authors who only want to save the planet.”

    And unfortunately, it might become part of the medical school curriculum which means that we may have to wait years for those doctors to die before the “conventional wisdom” is challenged.

    How dare the Lancet put your health at risk to advance their political agenda.

    This is the dangerous world we live in, where some doctors will put their beliefs ahead of your health.