Boost Your Mood and Your Sex Drive With This


    As you get older a bunch of things can drop…and then depression seems to set in.

    But this supplement may give you a lift, in more ways than one.

    As men age, their testosterone levels drop.  It hurts their drive, sex life, and energy levels.

    Your DHEA levels also drop, usually by 80% from age 30 to 70.

    But DHEA has been shown to help your body produce more testosterone, and as a side benefit, it also seems to be a natural antidepressant.

    This substance is made in your adrenal glands.

    Its direct competitor is the stress hormone cortisol.

    Too much cortisol production over an extended period of time is thought to wear out your adrenal glands.

    Just how powerful is this?

    It’s banned by the NBA, NFL and the US Olympic Committee.

    Just because it is banned as a performance-enhancing drug and has not been removed from the market by the FDA for being toxic, is not a reason to take it.

    Why should you consider taking it?

    • Boost your brain

    Higher DHEA levels are linked to better executive decision-making, memory, and concentration.

    • Boost your mood

    In a double-blind study, with the US National Institute of Health, DHEA was shown to naturally improve the symptoms of depression.

    But unlike prescription antidepressants, there was no loss in sexual interests.

    90 mg for three weeks was enough to significantly improve depression symptoms.

    • Boost your longevity

    In Japan, they tracked several markers they thought were linked to longevity.  Those with the highest levels lived the longest.  It was more important than blood sugar or blood pressure.

    Unlike many substances, there is no food source for DHEA and needs to be taken as a supplement.

    Too much is not a good thing.

    Going over 100 mg a day can create unwanted side effects like insomnia, acne and hair loss.

    It is anecdotally recommended to be used in a one month on, one month off fashion.

    One other note, this is not for the young.

    This seems to work best for those over 40.  Some young men have seen no real effects with this supplement.

    This also seems to work best when incorporated with some form of exercise.

    Exercise can reduce testosterone in men normally, but the addition of DHEA was shown to maintain the testosterone levels.  Note this test was done on middle-aged men.

    How do you take it?

    Well, you can take it in capsule form, but there are also creams available and sublingual (under the tongue) goes straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver.

    Women with low libidos might want to apply DHEA cream on the vagina, according to some studies.

    There is no evidence that DHEA on its own will decrease fat on the body or increase muscle mass.

    But the extra testosterone with exercise will help with both of those.

    DHEA supplements have been tested for long-term dangers and are generally regarded as safe when used for up to two years without any signs of addiction.

    It’s not considered safe for those who have cancer, especially of the sexual organs.

    You can get your DHEA levels tested without a doctor before you take this supplement.

    If you’re depressed, or are not feeling like your old self, finding out if your levels are low and looking into this supplement may rev up your life.