This “Bad” Stuff Protects Against COVID


    By Kennedy Shelley

    Data from Italy shows that several markers of bad health put you at much higher risk of having serious problems with the coronavirus.

    Nearly everyone who died there had a major health issue:

    48.5% Had three or more

    25.6% Had two or more

    25.1% Had one

    What did they have?  Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight and heart disease.  In short full-scale metabolic syndrome. (If you don’t know what that is, see this article in Freedom Health News).

    What didn’t they have?  High cholesterol.

    China reported something interesting, those who didn’t get COVID-19 had high cholesterol numbers.  It was the vegetarians with low cholesterol who were at the highest risk of dying.

    For nearly 50 years Americans have been preached at that cholesterol is the great killer.  It has been vilified and many worry every year that their annual blood test will show high cholesterol.

    The government has approved statin drugs which lower cholesterol, big Pharma has made a trillion dollars selling them, and doctors tell patients that they must take them, or they will die.

    But what is this advice based on?  There is no double-blind study that shows lowering cholesterol will actually make you live longer.

    Actually, the opposite is true.  The Minnesota Coronary Experiment (1968-73) was the most comprehensive double-blind study on a low-fat diet on health.

    The results showed that eating a low-fat diet did lower your cholesterol but didn’t reduce your risk of a heart attack and would cause you to die earlier.

    The results were so shocking that the researchers didn’t publish it because they didn’t like the conclusions.

    But this goes along with other studies that show those who live the longest have higher cholesterol.

    The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine released a report where they were surprised that killer cholesterol was actually high in older people who didn’t have heart attacks.

    A UCLA study of the blood work of people who had heart attacks showed that 1/3 had low cholesterol and 1/3 had normal cholesterol.

    In other words, there isn’t any evidence that cholesterol will cause a heart attack or hurt you and it is actually important to have “high” levels of it as we age if you want to live longer.

    And now the Chinese are puzzled why those who die of the coronavirus have low cholesterol numbers.

    There is an old saying that science advances one funeral at a time.

    The author was making the point that once an idea takes root, you have to wait for the old guard to die before the idea dies with them.

    But the evidence is clear, no one can prove that high cholesterol will kill you.

    There is evidence that high cholesterol helps you live longer if you are older and evidence that normal to high cholesterol protects you from COVID-19.

    The sensationalist media such as the Drudge Report love to spread fear and panic, but they don’t point out the real facts.

    People who are dying are eating the government recommended diet that lowers your cholesterol but causes the underlying conditions that kill people with COVID-19.

    While you can pick and choose a diet that you like, but blindly following the government recommended diet may not protect you at all and may make the problem worse.