Avoid These 4 Unhealthy Ingredients In Your Next Salad

Avoid These 4 Unhealthy Ingredients In Your Next Salad


By: Annie Morgan

If you discipline yourself to say no to fast food and opt for a healthy salad instead – congratulations you are on the right path!

But not all salads are created equal, and you might actually be eating an entire day’s worth of calories in one sitting if you choose the wrong ingredients.

Before you make your next salad, make sure you aren’t loading your body with these unhealthy ingredients.


Processed grains (usually wheat), these carb-filled crunchy treats are a no-go if you’re trying to eat healthy.

Often times they are fried – and you are essentially eating oil-soaked bread on your “healthy” salad.

And since the serving portion is small – many people end up adding 3 to 4 servings per salad!

Still not convinced?

1 serving size of croutons has a whopping 25g of carbs – which means some people are pounding back nearly 100g of carbs just on croutons.

Canned Fruit

Not all fruit is created equal.

Some people open up a can of pineapple (soaked in syrup) and think they are making a good choice, because it’s fruit.

1 serving of pineapple in light syrup has 34g or carbs and packs up to 32g of sugar.

Instead, opt for healthy fruit options that are low in sugar like blueberries or strawberries.

Fried Meat (Or Fried Anything)

You might think you’re eating healthy if you order a salad with chicken – but if it’s fried you defeat the whole purpose.

Yes, you are eating protein.

But eating fried and battered food is loading your body with unnecessary carbs, and most likely gluten.

You should definitely make sure you have protein on your salad – but opt for grilled instead.

Most Salad Dressings

If you’ve done a good job selecting healthy ingredients for your salad – don’t blow it with the salad dressing!

Dousing your greens with a creamy and sugar filled dressing is a quick way to ruin a healthy thing – and you’d be surprised at how unhealthy salad dressings really are.

One serving size of French salad dressing can have up to 10g of sugar per serving!

And of course – most people use more than one serving.

Instead, sprinkle some fresh lemon or lime with sea salt and ground pepper – you’ll grow to love the light taste and you’ll actually be able to taste the flavors in your salad.

Opt For Healthy Instead

The best part about eating salads is you can load it with all the healthy veggies you want!

From fresh organic red peppers to onions and avocados – you can truly make a delicious and healthy meal.

And top it off with a healthy dose of protein from chicken and hard-boiled eggs – and you’re on you’ve got a meal that will keep you full.

Resist the urge to ruin your healthy salad with creamy dressings and fried croutons – your body will thank you later.

What ingredients do you put on your salad?

Are you guilty of making your salads unhealthy?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know the 4 unhealthy ingredients they should avoid on their next salad!