Avoid These Foods to Protect Your Bladder


    People suffering from an overactive bladder (OAB) typically have frequent, sudden urges to urinate. However, avoiding certain foods can help alleviate these symptoms.

    In order to help ease the symptoms of OAB, try to avoid the following foods and drinks:

    Alcoholic Beverages

    Alcohol acts as a diuretic, and heightens your urine production. As such, it can often make symptoms worse for those with OAB. Decrease your alcohol intake (or cut it out completely) and see if symptoms improve.

    Citrus Fruits

    Citrus fruits may be tasty, but they can often irritate the bladder. This can cause painful urination. Cut back on citrus fruits.

    Spicy Foods

    Spicy foods can also irritate the bladder, and make OAB symptoms worse. Avoid these and see if symptoms improve.

    Caffeinated Beverages

    Tea, coffee, carbonated sodas, and other drinks with caffeine are often no good for people suffering from OAB. That’s because caffeine is a diuretic, and helps release water into the urine. This can make OAB symptoms worse.

    As such, it may be helpful to limit drinks with caffeine, or to avoid them altogether. Opt for herbal teas, water, or juice that’s diluted. This can help improve OAB symptoms as they relate to frequency and urgency of urination.