The Anti-Virus Strategy No One Is Talking About


    By Kennedy Shelley

    The alarmist media keeps trying to scare you into thinking everyone is going to die from a virus.  That is far from reality.

    Some people do die who have the virus.  But even without the virus millions of people die each year.

    And the sad reality is that most of those who have died while having the virus were dying anyway, and most of it was because of their lifestyle.

    While getting the virus is not within your control, your metabolic health is in your control.

    A paper mask, wearing gloves, avoiding people is not a 100% guarantee you will not get the virus.  (I find it ironic watching people wearing masks who often take it off by grabbing the front pull it down, which puts any virus they might have avoided on their hands, and they then wipe their nose which made the mask useless).

    In short civilian Personal Protective Gear (PPG) is far from perfect and used wrong almost to the point of being completely ineffective and a waste of time and money for most.

    Who is dying of this virus?  The data from Italy shows us very clearly:

    What are these illnesses?  These are mostly lifestyle related, and usually from the result of a diet of junk/processed food and sugary sodas.

    VirusThis is what causes obesity, fatty livers, poor metabolic health and nearly every disease of civilization also known as pre or post type 2 diabetes.

    What does the media say?  Nothing.  If you go to the Drudge Report 2020 you will get a bunch of lurid headlines all claiming the world is ending and there is nothing you can do about it, but the truth is you can.

    Stanford Medical School in 2019 did a special report showing what happens when a person with pre-diabetes gets a virus.  It shows just how dangerous this condition is and how it compromises your immune system.

    In other words, when someone who is not pre-diabetic gets a virus, the body quickly fights it, but if you have been living on soda and Twinkie’s, your body can’t fight it.

    A pre-diabetic also increases chronic inflammation in their body causing damage to their arteries, brain, heart and kidneys.

    Even though this knowledge is out there, some irresponsible media outlets just won’t get the message out.  See this dangerous headline from a leading online publication:

    If they were honest, they should be saying “You should be terrified of overeating and gaining weight right now.”

    Their advice is the absolute opposite of what is possible.  Now is the time to dump all the processed and junk food and sugar from your house and make your immune system as strong as possible.

    Your body can turn itself around very quickly.  After going through a few days of junk food withdrawal every one of your body’s hormones will start returning to normal levels.

    Children who were taken off of processed food and sugar and had fatty liver were given healthy calories for three weeks.  Even though their weight stayed the same, their fatty liver shrank, and their blood levels were healthy.

    We have known this scientifically since 2012 when Dr. Lustig and his team from the University of California proved it in a controlled study.

    Yet the Drudge Report won’t mention this to their readers.

    Apparently, no one wants to tell you the one thing that will give you the best chance to keep from dying of this and any other virus, quit eating sugar and junk food.