4 Hair Loss Remedies Scientifically Proven to Keep Hair Healthy and Shiny

    Hair Loss

    By Adam

    Perhaps one of the most embarrassing signs of aging is what goes on atop our heads.

    Baldness and the associated thinning of hair is one of the inescapable signs that our bodies are on the decline.

    And while hair loss may seem like an inescapable fact, the truth is there are four hair loss remedies scientifically proven to keep hair healthy and shiny.

    4 Ways To Keep Hair Loss at a Minimum

    1 – Eat Hair Healthy Foods:

    Part of the reason many people begin to lose hair is that their diet doesn’t provide them with the nutrients needed to keep the scalp happy and healthy.

    Simply adding hair-healthy foods to the diet will supplement your body with various compounds that your body utilizes to grow thick, shiny hair. These include pumpkin seeds, green tea, organic foods, bone broth, wild-caught fish, super seeds (like chia, flax, and hemp), and caffeine.

    2 – Avoid Foods that Damage Hair Production:

    Not only will adding hair-healthy foods into your diet help you grow more lustrous locks and prevent hair loss, but eliminating certain foods will prevent your body from shedding hair at a rapid rate.

    Several foods might damage your body’s ability to grow hair, but the primary thing you’ll want to look out for are ingredients that cause hair loss.

    These include sugar, trans-fatty acids, processed foods, and excessive amounts of caffeine.

    All of these foods are known to contribute to hormone imbalances, and when hormone levels are out-of-whack, it actually will cause your body to release hair as it tries to re-establish hormonal stasis.

    3 – Take Supplements Shown to Boost Hair Growth:

    When most people try to prevent or reverse hair loss, their first thought is to turn to medications.

    Not only is this ineffectual (many medications don’t work), but there’s also an acute risk of side effects from these medications.

    Fortunately, many supplements help to boost your body’s hair growth factors.

    These include collagen, saw palmetto, zinc, pygeum, fish oil, aloe vera juice, ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, B-complex vitamins.

    Some of these supplements help to improve hair strength and integrity.

    For instance, collagen is what forms the protein matrix inside of the hair and will give hair a thicker and more pronounced appearance.

    Other supplements like zinc and saw palmetto help to re-establish hormone balance in the body.

    Both supplements are associated with improvements in free-testosterone levels, which are necessary to prevent hair loss.

    4 – Live a More Stress-Free Life:

    While it may not seem likely, the more you can do to decrease stress in your life, the better your chances of keeping your hair is.

    Dr. Josh Axe writes: “Emotional stress can also be a major causative factor in hair loss. Get plenty of sleep, and schedule times of rest and fun into your week. It’s also a great idea to incorporate therapeutic massage into your life as much as you can, along with other natural stress relievers. Massages not only help reduce overall stress levels, but they also help increase your overall circulation, including blood flow to your scalp. Better blood flow to the scalp helps encourage hair growth.”

    A decision to pursue all, or any of these methods, may help you delay the onset of baldness and thinning hair indefinitely.