Why Did He Drink 10 Cans of Coke a Day


    The average American eats 126 grams of sugar a day.

    That’s the equivalent of roughly three and a half cans of coke a day.

    Then you think about the other sources of sugar you get a day in your coffee drinks, fruits and desserts etc. and it starts to add up.

    This got George Prior thinking about this unique experiment.

    What would happen to a guy who didn’t eat sugar if he suddenly decided to add 10 cokes every day for a month?

    Seems like a strange experiment, but he decided to try it, and the results were staggering.

    Before he started the program, he went to his doctor to get his baseline numbers so he could track the changes in his blood work as well as getting an official weight.

    Here is his viral video:

    Some of the major changes noted after a month:

    23 POUNDS

    In just one month, 10 cokes a day led to a weight gain of over 23 pounds.

    And that led to other problems.  Not the least of which, his clothes started to not fit.


    The sugar spikes didn’t boost his energy.

    Instead, he found himself dragging through the day despite all the caffeine and sugar flooding his system.

    This isn’t a surprise.

    While energy drinks will give you a boost, the fatigue rebound is much worse than when you started.


    In just a month, the man’s blood pressure went from a healthy 129/77 to a much higher 143/96.

    This isn’t a big surprise because all this sugar increased his insulin level which had been spiked with all the sugary soda.


    Instead of wanting to eat his normal diet, he started craving empty carbs.

    Normally he ate a diet with bacon and eggs for breakfast, but now he found himself craving donuts in the morning.

    That seems to be a pattern for many people.

    When you eat steak, you quit eating when you are full, but the so-called “comfort foods” doesn’t seem to trigger the same fullness response.

    It seems as though our satiety signals don’t work with high sugar foods.


    Because of the lethargy and extra pounds, his percentage of body fat exploded.  It went up 64%.

    That is a huge load to suddenly carry and it made everything in his life much harder.


    One of the unexpected side effects of the diet was how much it affected his sleep.

    But when you think about it, it shows again just how difficult it is to watch your weight when your sleep is spotty at best.


    When he concluded his experiment, he gave us this final warning:

    “Obesity-related diseases are the worst health epidemic America has ever faced. Start by cutting out sugar. Avoid sugary drinks including fruit juices. If you have diabetes type 2, this is very important to understand: Fruit is not your friend.  Are you eating the sugar of 10 Cokes a day without even drinking ten Cokes a day?”

    He lost the weight almost as quickly as he gained it by getting on a strict ketogenic diet.

    He got his insulin level under control and all of his health markers including his blood pressure slowly went back to normal.

    That is not to say that it was an easy journey.

    But he does serve as a good reminder that there is no benefit to drinking sugary drinks, be they colas, sports or energy drinks or fruit juice.

    And there is the potential of major health problems, not the least of which is weight gain.