This “Immortality Flower” Lowers Blood Pressure

This “Immortality Flower” Lowers Blood Pressure


Dr. Al Sears has searched the world for two decades for natural cures for disease. In beautiful Bali, he found an abundance of herbs, plants and foods used for healing. He describes one of those plants as “a magnificent flower I nicknamed the ‘magical magenta bloom.'”

This magnificent flower provides a breakthrough cure for high blood pressure. If you are one of the two-thirds of American adults who have hypertension, or if you have a loved one who suffers, you should understand its powerful action to lower blood pressure.

Most of these 150 million people with hypertension take a prescription medication. Dr. Sears prescribes these meds only as a last resort, out of concern about the potential side effects.

These include insomnia, gastrointestinal issues, and erectile dysfunction in male patients. Patients are also at higher risk of stroke. One of the most concerning side effects is the 40 percent increase in risk of a fatal fall while on blood pressure medication. In fact, these meds increase your mortality rate, especially as you get older.

The flower Dr. Sears calls the “magical magenta bloom” is commonly called the globe amaranth. But the traditional healers of Bali know it as Bunga Ratna. It grows everyone on the island. The purple-red bulbs are long-lived; the Balinese weave them into garlands that last for weeks. They call it the “immortality flower.”

Above anything else, however, the globe amaranth lowers blood pressure. The healers of Bali have used it for years, and modern research supports its efficacy. A Brazilian study shows globe amaranth significantly reduces arterial blood pressure without impacting heart rate. Only a small amount is necessary to create this positive effect.

You can enjoy the benefits of this herb in soothing Globe Amaranth tea. It is fragrant, naturally sweet and caffeine-free. To brew one cup:

1. Place a dried blossom (or more) in a teacup

2. Pour boiling water over the flower and steep for 4-5 minutes.

The dried flower is available online and at health food stores. It is also available in some Chinese groceries; the Chinese call it Qian Ri Hong. They are also extremely easy to cultivate; Dr. Sears has them growing all over his backyard. You can easily purchase the seeds in the U.S. They are called Bachelor Buttons or Cornflower.