For Smokers & Ex-Smokers: Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs of Nicotine...

For Smokers & Ex-Smokers: Natural Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs of Nicotine and Tar


If you are a smoker, or if you have recently stopped smoking (congratulations!), you will be glad to know there are some natural ways you can detoxify your lungs. It is well known that people who smoke face a higher risk of lung cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), heart disease and other health issues. That is because when smokers inhale, their lungs are filled with nicotine and tar.

Here are some natural ways to clear and protect your lungs:

1. Eat fresh organic corn, which contains beta kryptoxanthin, a powerful antioxidant thought to reduce the risk of lung cancer. Oranges also contain kryptoxanthin.

2. Selenium is another powerful antioxidant that can detoxify your lungs. Brazil nuts are rich in this nutrient, as are grains.

3. Onions can help cleanse the lungs. Onions are also known for preventing and treating disease, including infections of the lung. Among people who have been diagnosed with cancer, onions help prevent new cells from growing.

4. Another very useful antioxidant is ginger. Ginger is a strong tool for removing toxins from the lungs, and ginger tea is known to facilitate easier breathing.

4. Nettles contain a high level of iron, and they can disinfect the lungs. Nettles can be used in fighting infection. A related natural approach is to make a tea from pine needles, which fights cancer and other diseases of the lungs.

5. Consuming grapefruit juice improves your breathing, and carrot juice purifies the body in general.

Another natural way to clear and strengthen your lungs is to do regular breathing exercises. Think of adding breathing exercises to your daily regimen. Once a day, or more, find a quiet space and take a few full breaths. Breathe as deeply as possible and exhale slowly.

If you are a smoker, you already know that stopping is the best thing you can do for the health of your lungs (and your health overall). You don’t have to go “cold turkey”. There are smoking cessation programs, drugs, patches and gums to give you an assist. Meanwhile, however, take the steps listed above to help detoxify your lungs regularly.