Do Essential Oils Really Help Your Health?

Do Essential Oils Really Help Your Health?


In the past few years, essential oils have become quite popular among natural health enthusiasts.

They’re so popular that they’ve now become a billion dollar market.

With all the hoopla surrounding essential oils, you might wonder what they actually do? And are they even healthy?

It’s a fair question to ask, fortunately, the answer is they are healthy for you and there are a number of areas in your health they may help improve.


4 Ways Essential Oils May Improve Your Health

First, let’s talk about what essential oils really are.

Essential oils are natural oils distilled or extracted from plants as they soak in a carrier oil. These carrier oils are then either applied directly on the body, added to foods, or diffused in the air.

They are highly concentrated forms of natural, plant-based oils.

People use essential oils for various reasons, but here are the most scientifically sound reasons to use them.

1 – May relieve stress:

Essential oils are often made of plants with known medicinal properties. Many of these plants have been shown to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

Studies have shown diffusing essential oil in the air can promote a sense of calm and reduce acute stress. Though tests on essential oils aren’t conducted in the traditional placebo model, there still is strong evidence they can help to help people reduce stress levels and feel better.

2 – They may fight dangerous bacteria and viruses:

If you want to keep bacteria at bay, essential oils are on of the best natural ways to fight sickness inducing infections.

Healthline writes:

The rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has renewed interest in the search for other compounds that can fight bacterial infections.

Essential oils, such as peppermint and tea tree oil, have been investigated extensively in test tubes for their antimicrobial effects. In fact, they have shown some positive results.


However, while test-tube study results are interesting, they do not necessarily reflect what’s happening within your body. They don’t prove that a particular essential oil could effectively treat bacterial infections in humans.

There are enough studies to show using them for cleaning is one of the best ways to help prevent sickness in the home.

3 – Could help treat headaches:

One of the main reasons people use essential oils is to promote muscle relaxation which may help reduce the severity of headaches.

Studies have shown that a little bit of peppermint oil and ethanol rubbed on a person’s foreheads and temples may relieve the pain of intense headaches.

There are also studies surrounding the use of lavender oil and headache relief. When combined with peppermint oil it’s been shown that lavender oil may be a potent headache killer.

4 – May help promote restful sleep:

Another leading use of essential oils is restful sleep.

Studies have shown that smelling lavender oil is quite helpful at helping people with sleep problems fall asleep. There are more than 15 studies about essential oils and how they promote restful sleep and most of them conclude lavender oil is one of the best for better sleep.

Also good for restful sleep are patchouli oil, orange oil, eucalyptus.

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