Is the Rash of Autoimmune Diseases the Government’s Fault?

Is the Rash of Autoimmune Diseases the Government’s Fault?


By: Kennedy Shelley

Lyme disease is a horrible problem for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Many people with various autoimmune diseases are thought to be suffering because of tick bites where the bacteria entered their system.

There has been a virtual explosion of Lyme disease in the US in the last two decades, but it’s not a new disorder.

As far back as the 1700’s the rash and problems following tick bites has been documented by doctors.

But when Rocky Mountain Spotted fever became a new major health problem in the 1980’s and 1990’s renewed awareness about tick born illnesses began to spread.

Dr. Willy Burgdorfer discovered a link between deer ticks and isolated the bacterium causing the disease while studying Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

There was a book written about this discovery and it revealed that Dr. Burgdorfer was a bioweapons specialist who suggested that this tick born disease might make an effective bioweapon.

The book, Bitten, The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons made this fact known.

This disease is exploding in the US with an estimated 3-470,000 new cases every year.  Ten to twenty percent of those affected have long term autoimmune problems.

Strangely, Lyme disease really wouldn’t be known if it wasn’t for the persistence of mothers from Lyme, Connecticut in the 1970’s.  They knew something was wrong with their kids, so they kept bugging scientists and doctors for an answer for the vague cluster of symptoms that were affecting their children.

How did this once obscure and mysterious disease spread so rapidly across the US?

This is what Congress wants to know.

As part of the Defense Appropriation Act, the House included an amendment to demand answers to the question “Is the rapid spread of this disease because of US bioweapon research?”

Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey has been asking this question for years, and he is closer than ever in forcing the government to answer his questions.

The amendment passed earlier this month to direct the Inspector General of the US to look into this issue.

Rep. Smith has been concerned about this issue because of the explosion of articles and books pointing out the fact that government research projects may be a cause of this explosion.

As the congressman points out, there is ample evidence that the government was researching this, but no proof that it is behind it.

But this would not be the first time that government research has caused problems.  In the 1950’s and 60’s the government released different chemicals to test various nerve gasses.  At least one child died as a result of this test in St. Louis, but the government didn’t admit what it was doing until 1994.

Congressman Smith noted that Dr. Burgdorfer has said the government labs put together a number of pathogens into ticks to see if they could spread diseases to an enemy.  Now the question is, did these pathogens mutate and get into our forests?

The problem with Lyme disease is that it creates a cluster of vague disorders that are tough to pin down.

There has been an explosion of unexplained autoimmune disorders in the US that don’t have any underlying cause.

And because a tick bite may be such a minor incident, many people might not have any recollection of ever being bitten.

There is no known cure for Lyme disease and the resulting disorders that come from it.  We deserve to know if government research is behind this problem.