Add This to Your Coffee for All Day Energy

Add This to Your Coffee for All Day Energy


The only thing better than the aroma of coffee in the morning is that first distinctive taste. You can feel good about drinking coffee, too, as studies show it protects against type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Parkinson’s disease, liver cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Beyond its antioxidants and vitamin B2, however, coffee is not rich in nutrients.

A great way to add nutritional value is to include coconut oil. Blend some into your coffee with raw cocoa powder and a natural sweetener, and you will have an energy-boosting super drink that will curb your hunger and keep you going all day. Here are some of its health benefits:

1. Packed with micronutrients

Raw cocoa is made by cold-pressing the unroasted beans, which preserves the enzymes and nutrients more than traditional roasting. Raw cocoa is a genuine superfood, rich in iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium.

2. Improves energy

Although the caffeine in coffee raises energy, it can also cause jitters and crashes. Mixing in the healthy fat of coconut oil slows down your body’s digestion of caffeine and moderates its effects, allowing for a gradual release of long-lasting energy. The cocoa powder also contains theobromine, a healthy stimulant that provides an additional energy boost.

3. Reduces hunger

Research has shown that people who consume healthy fats for breakfast tend to eat lunch later than people who do not. They are also less hungry and eat a smaller next meal.

If you are a coffee lover, this is a perfect recipe. You can also make the coconut oil, cocoa and sweetener in a jar, and easily add it to your morning cup of joe.

Nutrient-Packed Coconut Oil Coffee Recipe


1 cup melted coconut oil
1 cup raw cacao powder
3 tablespoons Erythritol (a natural sugar alcohol), or liquid stevia to taste


1. Put all ingredients in a blender, and blend until smooth.

2. Put the mixture in a jar and refrigerate until solid. The jar can be stored in your cupboard or on the countertop next to your coffee.

3. Use a heaping teaspoonful per cup of coffee.