7 Daily Habits That Could Destroy This Vital Organ

7 Daily Habits That Could Destroy This Vital Organ


If you have lower back pain and you have no idea what it’s from. consider this:… do you guzzle coffee in the morning? Do you knock back booze here and there? What about water…. When was the last time you had just the clear stuff to take care of yourself?

You see your kidneys have a tremendous job to do. They’re responsible for filtering our blood, producing hormones, absorbing minerals, producing urine, eliminating toxins, and neutralizing acids.

So if your kidneys are in bad shape, they’re going to hurt your lower back. And you might not know that’s what causing the pain. So there are a few things you can do to start breathing new life into these essential organs.

Drink Water-Many scientists agree that 64 oz of water is essential to your health. And at higher altitudes or if you’ve been exerting a lot of effort and are sweating you need more. Here’s the thing. Drinking coffee, juices, and other liquids can get you some of the liquid, but then your kidney has to do additional work to filter it. So you really should be consuming pure water.

Consider some of the standard water bottles today have a 32 oz marker on them. You should be drinking two of those a day.

Salting Everything– Too much salt in your diet causes your kidneys to work harder. More salt raises your blood pressure which means more blood is being pumped through.
 Resisting the Urge to Squeeze a Lemon– Sometimes you have to hold it for unforeseen circumstances. But holding urination often can cause the bladder to back up to the kidneys which can lead to kidney stones.
Poppin’ Too Many Pain Killers- Even on the label of many pain killers, there is a warning that says something to the extent of “Don’t use this for more than two weeks. Don’t use with alcoholic drinks”. Yadda yadda yadda- The truth is your body can only filter those drugs so long before it experiences a breakdown of its own-kidneys included.
Eating Too Much Animal Protein- If you are eating a ton of animal protein, especially red meat, your kidneys are the ones that are helping to reduce toxins and produce hormones, which can experience large imbalances due to the hormones in animal meats. Your best bet is to eat less meat and ensure it is more clean.
Kick the Coffee Habit– Coffee is actually a diuretic. Your body can’t absorb as much water after drinking coffee. So you’re not flushing as efficiently and your body continues to have to filter out caffeine as well.
Riding the booze Train -Alcohol in moderation can be good for the body. Drinking too much alcohol causes your body to build up excess fat in several of the organs, making the body inefficient. On a side note, if you are sure you have a kidney stone, drinking several beers will help you pass it while numbing the stabbing pain you might experience. It is not recommended that you drink several beers habitually though.

Give your kidneys some love- put down the coffee and pick up a glass of water.