Why Would You Eat a Fruit That Tastes This Bitter?

Why Would You Eat a Fruit That Tastes This Bitter?


Goya (karela) is little-known in North American, but it is very popular in Asia, the Caribbean and South American. Often called “bitter-melon” fruit, goya grows well in hot, humid climates. It is a common traditional medicine in many parts of the world. True to the name, this fruit is extremely bitter in taste. But before you dismiss it out of hand, read on to learn about its profound health benefits.

Frank Shallenberger, M.D., specializes in Anti-Aging Treatments and Alternative Medicine at the Nevada Center of Alternative & Anti-Aging Medicine. He encourages his patients to trust nature, and use natural products in treating illness. Dr. Shallenberger says bitter melon is highly effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

According to Shallenberger’s latest findings, a five percent solution of bitter melon juice can fight pancreatic cancer. He says the fruit destroys cancer cell lines by 90 and 98 percent. Research at the University of Colorado showed a reduction of 64 percent in the size of pancreatic tumors.

Bitter melon has other health benefits, as well:

– It cleanses and detoxifies the liver, relieves gout pain and stimulates blood circulation.

– Goya juice increases the stability of the immune system and resistance of the body to infections.

– It stimulates food peristalsis and eases digestion while food is fully excreted through the bowel and out of the system.

– The bitter melon lowers blood sugar and fights type-2 diabetes. It is rich in polypeptide-P, a phytonutrient which lowers blood sugar. Bitter melon also contains a special charantin, known to increase glycogen synthesis and glucose uptake in the liver, muscles, and adipose tissues.

– It relieves hangovers by accelerating the metabolism. Simultaneously, it nourishes and cleanses the liver after alcohol consumption.

– Drinking bitter melon juice regularly helps relieve psoriasis and fungal infections, such as Athlete’s feet and ringworm.

– It improves the eyesight and improves, as it is abundant in beta-carotene.

– It is a source of folate, which reduces the occurrence of neural tube defects in newborns.

– When consumed regularly, bitter melon also boosts your stamina and energy level.

To reduce the bitterness of the fruit, you can cut it, scoop out the inside pulp and seeds, and chop up the outer layers. Put in a bowl and sprinkle well with salt. After 20 minutes, wash off the salt and squeeze out all the water (you may use a towel). Most of the bitterness will be gone.

Here is a video that shows you two ways to consume the juice, while minimizing the bitterness: