Try This Sweet, Tasty “Cholesterol Cure”

Try This Sweet, Tasty “Cholesterol Cure”


When you are trying to lower your cholesterol, diet is your first line of defense. Grapes are small, but they are mighty weapons in the fight against high cholesterol. They are packed full of vitamins and fiber, and they contain phytosterols, polyphenols and other antioxidants. Although all grapes are good for you, red and purple grapes are the richest in the heart-healthy polyphenols. Here is a collection of easy, delicious ways to include grapes in your diet.

Include Grapes in Your Snacks:

Their small size and portability makes grapes an easy snack to carry with you. You can eat them off the vine, or you can cook or freeze them. Grilled grapes can be prepared with a little olive oil, and served with meat or vegetables. Grapes can also be frozen and eaten like candy.

You can also add some raw grapes to granola, trail mix or whole wheat crackers.

Toss Grapes in Salads:

Raw grapes are an attractive and tasty complement to a fresh green salad, or one with grilled meat or beans. They can be served whole or halved. You can also pair them with nuts, meat, and low-fat cheeses.

Use Grapes in Your Meals:

Grapes can be included in meals throughout the day. A handful of cut up grapes can be added to your morning oatmeal, a egg-white omelette, or whole grain muffins. You can add them to sandwiches or mix them into dinner dishes such as crockpot chicken with grapes, salmon with spinach and grapes, or low-fat yogurt chicken wraps.

Have Grapes for Dessert:

With their extreme sweetness, grapes are a natural addition to desserts. Add them to low-fat frozen yogurt, sorbets or fruit cocktails. Remember to limit heavy cream, ice cream and baked goods, as all of these are high in fat. It is also best not to add sugar, or to use a healthy sugar substitute such as stevia or xylitol.