This Bedtime Drink Sets You Up for Weight Loss Success

This Bedtime Drink Sets You Up for Weight Loss Success


Losing weight is a fairly straightforward process. Simply reduce the number of calories you eat, and increase the number of calories you burn. If you are interested in dropping some weight, eat healthy, eat less, and hit the gym. Physical exercise is the the primary method available to you to burn calories.

Your body stores its excess calories as fat. Most people who want to lose weight are thinking in terms of losing fat. Cutting back on calories you put into your body creates a caloric deficit. When your body faces such a deficit, it accesses its stored sources of energy, in the form of fat, to meet its need for calories.

The extra fat you carry on your body is its energy reserves. As your body has a need for more energy than it is taking in through food, it turns to these energy reserves, as well as glycogen/sugar and possibly its protein reserves. In response, fat stores begin to disappear.

A recent article in Life, Health and Food recommends a night time drink that can greatly reduce your fat levels, particularly belly fat. According to the article, drinking a single glass of this juice at bedtime can help you lose weight.

As you fall asleep, your metabolism slows down dramatically. The ingredients in this drink will jump start your metabolism, so your body will continue burning fat while you sleep.

The article recommends you substitute this drink for dinner, at least for a few weeks. The author says you’ll be amazed by the results.

Bedtime Weight Loss Drink


2 grapefruits
1 tablespoon grated ginger
1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar


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Peel grapefruit, and add it to the the other ingredients in juicer.

Drink this beverage before any meal, any time of day, but most health experts recommend you have it in the evening as a substitute for dinner. Drink it every day for a week, then take a break for the next week.

If you dislike the bitter taste of grapefruit, you can replace them with limes, lemons, oranges or tangerines.


  1. You may have saved the proverbial day with the last statement of the cocktail mix…if you do not like the taste of grapefruit, you may substitute lime, lemon, orange, or tangerine in lieu of grapefruit…why? because most obese or even slightly fat people have to take statins and grapefruit and statins are a medical “no-no”. Also, I know that fresh is better, but certain times of the year citrus fruits can be expensive; yet, canned, bottled, or frozen citrus fruit juices can be less expensive…just don’t buy the ones which have preservatives added or “any” form of sugar/corn syrup. Read all of the label and anything which you do not know what is…Google it, before buying it as one can containing sodium benzonate or one with maltodextrin can set you back “chemically” to square one or below again.

  2. be very careful with taking in vinegar.few years back I made the mistake of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in an empty stomach .mind you it worked beautiful I lost withing a month at least 10 pounds but it also destroyed the lining of my intestines and since then i cannot touch anything with acidity because now i have IBS..So be very careful.use plain Greek yogurt instead.It works!!!