These Foods Will Enhance Your Sex Life

These Foods Will Enhance Your Sex Life


Far too often, when people begin to have problems with their sexual function, they turn to drugs to help relieve the injunction on their sex life.

The truth is drugs aren’t always the answer.

Simple changes in the diet can produce serious improvements in your sex life.

In every aisle of the grocery store are foods that can harm and improve your sex life.

And as you’re about to see, all the recommended advice by physicians to clean up your diet can help make knocking boots a lot better than you ever expected.

3 Ways Food Can Boost Your Sex Life

Foods aren’t like drugs.

They don’t necessarily work on the body in one way to help improve your sex life.

So instead of focusing on particular foods, you’ll see we’re focusing on different areas of sexual function and show you how foods will improve those areas of your sex life.

1 – Get In the Mood With These Foods:

One of the things the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations knew was foods had a way of increasing sexual desire.

As we mature, our bodies sometimes need more of particular nutrients to function at optimal levels.

Some of the best ways to enhance desire are by introducing more zinc into the body.

For men, zinc is one of the premier sexual minerals. It’s tied directly to the production of the powerful sex hormone testosterone, and also is essential for cell metabolism (energy), stamina.

Multiple studies show the introduction of extra zinc into the diet can help to boost sexual desire. There have been several studies supporting the claim zinc is related to increased sexual desire.

A few examples of this would include:

  • Seeds like sunflower and pine nuts
  • Shellfish like oysters and lobster or crab
  • Red meat
  • Cage Free eggs
  • Grass-fed dairy
  • Whole grains

2 – Send Extra Blood To Sex Organs With These Foods:

You cannot achieve high levels of sexual satisfaction without blood.

Blood flow is essential for male erections as well as female genital engorgement.

If your body has any restrictions on blood flow it can hamper a person’s ability to carry out sexual activity.

One of the best ways to increase blood flow is to increase the levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.

This is exactly what Viagra does and what made it the popular sex-drug it is now.

The way nitric oxide helps to increase blood flow is by expanding and dilating blood vessels. This helps men to maintain erections so they can complete physical activity.

When it comes to foods that help increase blood flow by providing nitrates (the nutrient that helps form nitric oxide) there is no better food than beets. writes: “Beets are naturally high in nitrates, which get converted to nitrites by bacteria in your mouth when you eat them. Your stomach converts them to nitric oxide, and this helps to dilate blood vessels and blood flow. Beetroot has the highest level of nitrates among vegetables.”

In addition to beets, foods that’ll increase nitric oxide include radishes, celery, carrots, lettuce, and turnip tops.

3 – Eat Foods That Boost Heart Health:

A healthy heart is a must for sexual function.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman.

Eating foods that help boost heart health will ensure you can go the distance with your partner.

Not to mention, eliminating foods that are harmful to the heart is also a surefire way to help boost heart health too.

A short list of some of the best foods for boosting heart health include:

  • Grass-fed meats
  • Fatty fish
  • Cage Free eggs
  • Avocadoes
  • Berries
  • Bananas
  • Whole grains (no gluten)

Eat these foods and your sex life may be far better than you’d ever imagined.