The Top 3 Worst Breakfast Foods of All Time

The Top 3 Worst Breakfast Foods of All Time


If your mornings start out hectic, you might rush to grab something quick and “healthy” to eat before you run out the door.

But common breakfast foods marketed as “healthy” are actually horrible for you and can end up making you sick!

Loaded with sugar and carbs, these so-called “healthy” breakfast items should be avoided at all costs.

So, before you grab breakfast tomorrow morning, check out our recommend three breakfast foods you should avoid.

  1. “Flavored” Oatmeal

Many people looking for a hot breakfast flock to instant oatmeal.

Promoted as “healthy,” many folks think eating oatmeal in the morning is a healthy choice.

But the “flavored” oatmeal is loaded with sugar!

And even non-flavored oatmeal isn’t the best choice.

After all, oatmeal is a grain, and is a high starch carbohydrate food.

Definitely not keto or paleo friendly!

You can start your day off with much healthier options than a grain full of sugar (and it’s not even filling).

Skip the oatmeal altogether.

  1. Muffins/Pastries

You’re in line at the coffee shop waiting on your pour over or cold brew coffee… when the pastries in the window tempt you.

It can’t be “that bad,” you think, so you select a blueberry muffin of gluten free chocolate muffin thinking because it’s gluten free it is healthy.

Wrong. So wrong!

Gluten free does not equal healthy.

Everyday Health reports:

“Replacing gluten-containing foods with processed, gluten-free alternatives can lead to weight gain — cookies, breads, and snack foods should still be consumed in moderation, whether they contain gluten or not. ‘Just because a food is labeled gluten-free doesn’t mean that a gluten-free cookie or gluten-free cupcake is healthier than the wheat-based product,’ Thompson says. Chances are the gluten-free version is going to list white rice flour or milled corn as the first ingredient, she adds. ‘That isn’t any healthier.’ Other gluten-free products may swap in higher calorie ingredients like nuts or dried fruits, nutrient-dense calories that can add up quickly.”

Muffins are loaded with carbs and sugar.

And even if you get one that uses a “sugar substitute,” we’ve told you how that is even worse than sugar.

As an alternative, select something like an egg quiche with veggies – or even better make your own egg quiches at home – just bake ‘em in the oven and make a large enough batch to last a week – you can always freeze the rest!

  1. Fruit Smoothies

Yes, fruit smoothies made our top three, and here’s why.

Fruit can be a good thing, but fruit has a lot of sugar, and when most people make smoothies they use a ton of frozen fruit and think they are eating healthy, when in reality they are spiking their blood sugar and are doomed for a crash later on in the day.

Cheetsheet reported:

“If you’re a smoothie lover, rejoice: Not all smoothies are created equal. But if your daily smoothie is full of fruit and sugary yogurt, you’re flooding your body with more sugar than you should. One cup of mangoes, for example, has a whopping 24 grams of sugar. Use veggies as your bulk, and add one or two fruits as a sweetener.”

So, smoothie lovers have no fear! Consider adding spinach or kale to your smoothie to get some of your daily greens in.

And you can still use fruit but consider half a cup of berries or half a banana for a little added sweetener.

We know you are busy and might not have time to cook a full and hot breakfast.

But if you have the time, try a couple easy items like eggs and vegetables fried with coconut oil or bacon pancakes.

You can also eat quick items like apple slices with almond butter or hard-boiled eggs.

Don’t forget the bulletproof coffee!

Even if you’re busy, take time to grab something to eat in the morning.

Studies show eating a healthy breakfast can help you fight the urge to snack during the day.

What do you typically eat for breakfast each day? Which unhealthy breakfast food surprised you the most?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know to avoid these three unhealthy breakfast foods!