Yet Another Reason To Stay Clear Of Pumpkin Spice Coffee Drinks This...

Yet Another Reason To Stay Clear Of Pumpkin Spice Coffee Drinks This Fall

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

By: Annie Morgan

With fall right around the corner, many coffee lovers are eagerly anticipating the infamous pumpkin spice coffee drinks that will start appearing at restaurants, coffee shops, and even gas stations.

And while it may seem harmless to get a daily (or even weekly) pumpkin-filled coffee beverage, the health consequences are more severe than you may realize.

Even worse, what you are drinking doesn’t even necessarily contain real ingredients!

So before you give in and order a pumpkin spice latte – check out a few reasons why you should just say no.

Ridiculous Amounts Of Sugar

Sure, you might realize drinking flavored coffee contains sugar.

But what you might not realize is just how much sugar is in your coffee.

Some people are even misled that since pumpkin is healthy, a pumpkin spice coffee isn’t actually that bad.

But the truth is, you aren’t really getting the health benefits of pumpkin, as you are just loading your body with sugar and carbs.

Healthline reported:

“Pumpkin itself is healthy. Cinnamon and nutmeg are fine. But pumpkin spice lattes are about sugar,” said Katie Ferraro, R.D., M.P.H., a dietitian, nutrition consultant, and assistant clinical professor of nutrition at the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of San Diego.

A 16-ounce size of Starbucks’ version with 2 percent milk and whipped cream has 380 calories and contains 50 grams of sugar.”

50 grams of sugar in only 16-ounces of coffee!

Drinking one of these in the morning is bound to send your blood sugar through the roof – and lead to a mid-morning crash.

Not to mention you wasted all your carbs and sugar on a single coffee drink…

Fake Ingredients

Not only are pumpkin spice coffee drinks full of sugar, often times they don’t even use real ingredients.

Which means you are not only getting a sugar high – but you are sipping artificial ingredients which can lead to even more health problems than a large waistline.

And as it turns out, some companies even use artificial sugar ingredients like Splenda, and as Freedom Health News previously reported, one should stay clear of these faux sugar substitutes at all cost.

Even without the fake sugar, the artificial ingredients in most pumpkin spice coffee drinks are startling.

Wondering just how bad it could be?

Health reported the nutritional facts of a small pumpkin spice latte from McDonald’s has a whopping 41 carbs and all kinds of artificial ingredients:

The McCafe Pumpkin Spice flavored syrup contains: fructose, water, nonfat dry milk, propylene glycol, and 2% or less caramel color, natural flavor, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, salt, sucralose, and extracts of annatto. The big red flag here is all the artificial additives, including faux sweetener (sucralose is the generic Splenda).

A small PSL made with whole milk contains 270 calories, 9 grams of fat, 41 grams of carb with 39 as sugar, and 10 grams of protein. That’s more calories, carbs, and sugar than their Baked Apple Pie, which is a good reminder to enjoy a McDonald’s PSL as a dessert.”

And some people even order a pumpkin spice latte AND an apple pie!

Inevitable Weight Gain

If you continue to pump these sugar-filled drinks into your body every day, it’s likely you’ll pack on the pounds.

Especially if you continue to eat your typical diet.

And if you’re trying to live a keto lifestyle, it’s not possible with these drinks.

The cycle is vicious, during the fall and winter seasons people generally spend less time outdoors and often aren’t as active.

And drinking sugar without exercise is a health disaster just waiting to happen.

Not to mention all the harmful affects it has on the body like increased inflammation and diabetes risk – just to name a few.

Make Your Own

Don’t get discouraged just yet – you can make your own healthier pumpkin spice coffee drink at home!

No, that doesn’t mean buying the flavored creamer from the store.

Try adding almond or coconut to your coffee and a little bit of nutmeg for a fall-inspired coffee drink.

Sure, it won’t be as sweet – but your body will thank you!

Are you guilty of drinking sugary coffee drinks?

Were you surprised to learn how unhealthy they are?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to share this article with your friends and family to let them know why they should stay clear of pumpkin spice coffee drinks this fall!