Oil From This Fruit Is One Of the Healthiest On Earth

Oil From This Fruit Is One Of the Healthiest On Earth


When you were young, you probably heard the expression “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well, whoever thought that up probably hadn’t eaten an avocado yet. This superfruit is continuing to surprise the world with its health properties. What was formerly just the base for guacamole has taken the health world by storm.

Here are a few takeaways of the amazing properties of the avocado:
1) Improves Wound Healing
In one study, an incision was created on a rat and then treated with avocado oil. On the 14th day of observation, the wounds showed a radical reduction in size!

2) Improves the Condition of Psoriasis
A study involving 13 patients treated over 12 weeks with a combination of avocado oil and b12 showed significant promise in the reduction of the inflammation of the skin condition!

3) Avocado is High in Oleic Acid
Oleic acid has been linked with lower cholesterol, a protectant against breast cancer, and helps burn fat. Avocados are made up of 70% of this fatty acid.

4) Avocado Is Great For The Eyes
Avocado is loaded with a nutrient called lutein. The body uses lutein to promote health in the eyes. High amounts of lutein have been shown to reduce cataracts and ward off macular degeneration.

5) Your Gut Will Thank you
Both the avocado pulp and the seed have high amounts of fiber. Eating the pulp is easy enough. The pit is more difficult but you can cut it in half, hammer it, blend it,- however you access it, you will get fiber, plus the pit has antifungal and antibacterial properties. The pit also has anti-inflammatory properties for the lower GI tract

6) Avocados Might Reduce Arthritis
Arthritis is a painful condition involves painful inflammation of the joints. In a double-blind test, with 164 participants, 82 took medicine created with avocado/soybean unsaponifiable for three months. During the course of the study, those on the avocado/soybean drug showed less need to return to using NonSteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs than those on the placebo group!

Another study asked participants about pain levels between a placebo and an avocado/soybean unsaponifiable (ASU) mixture. Once again, the avocado beat out the placebo!

There are also reports of healing gums, neutralizing free radicals, reversing cancer, and improving heart health. Truly, this humble fruit will continue to amaze us with its health benefits for years to come! And as a bonus, they’re no longer limited just to guac. In fact, Dr. Axe, a chiropractor and doctor of natural medicine had this to say:

Despite their growing popularity over the past decade, Americans still seem unsure how to use avocados, resorting to simply putting them in salads, sandwiches and Guacamole Dip. Granted, avocados are a fantastic addition to these dishes, but I have also come to appreciate that, in most countries, they’re regularly used in desserts! Around the world, they’re used in similar ways as coconuts and commonly paired with raw cocoa — furthering their health benefits even more. Their mild flavor, texture and creamy consistency make avocados a fantastic ingredient in some of my favorite treats like Chocolate Mousse.