New Study Finds Odd Results With Fish Oil Use

New Study Finds Odd Results With Fish Oil Use


Marketers and physicians alike have been boasting the health benefits of fish oil and sunflower oil. However, the findings of a recent study have shown that long-term consumption of these supplements can lead to higher risks of fatty liver disease later in life.

To come to their conclusion, the researchers were testing the effects of various kinds of oils on the liver of each rat. These include sunflower oil, fish oil, and virgin olive oil.

Through their studies of rats, researchers have found that lifelong consumption of either fish or sunflower oil makes the liver more vulnerable to NASH – a serious, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

With this disease comes an increase in liver inflammation and cell damage. In turn, these symptoms can heighten the risk of both liver cancer and cirrhosis (a condition where liver scar tissue slowly replaces the organ’s healthy cells).

The researchers found that virgin olive oil was the only oil of the three to not negatively impact the liver over the course of a lifetime.

So, despite fish oil’s bountiful reports of health benefits, it may be useful to know that virgin olive oil looks like it is the clear winner when it comes to lifelong liver health.